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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mojo Missing!

It seems that the current trend of people losing their mojos has struck my home. As hard as I try lately, it seems nothing 'great' is coming out of me. I am trying desperately to get some good lighting shots to take back to Warren this week but nothing is coming up roses. May be I am worrying too much and trying too hard? Should I just relax and hope the inspiration comes? Should I try harder? ACK! What is a girl to do when she feels so lost. This is something I want so badly for myself and for my family. I know this sounds naive but I want to make things pretty. I want to leave an impression when people look at my photos. The technical side of things is getting in the way! lol I realize though that I have to keep trucking along, it will all come together once the basics are complete. Here are some photos I have taken. I do believe the lighting is improving.

The last one is of my brother Mark who happened to drop in at the wrong time. Poor thing was ambushed into a chair and before he knew what was happening, I was taking photos. The second is my mother at her house yesterday. Of course, Connor, the star of the show is always first. Even if I didnt get the light right in the photo, I got it right in him. ;)

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