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Friday, February 22, 2008

Trash To Treasure!

I have decided that I will take part in the Trash to Treasure weekend as well! Although I am not an official stop on the hunt I still have lots of fun happening in my store!

There is no better time to take advantage of my new goodies in the store either! I went on an alpha craze this week! I have two new ones in the store now!

I know this weekend is going to be super crazy busy with people hunting for freebies and scrapping them up! Cannot wait to see all of the galleries being flooded by fantastic creations! It's all so exciting. Like a digi scrapper's own personal utopia!


Lisa said...

cute alphas!

DawnMarch said...

oh, great alphas, and I'm looking forward to the fun this weekend too!

Barb said...

Happy Trash to Treasure weekend!

thumper6423 said...

Oh goodness, not another sale! This is starting to shape up to be like DSD weekend. But that's a good thing. Maybe just not good for my pay pal account LOL.