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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey Oscar! How YOU doing?

It's that time of year again!! Roll out the red carpet baby! I love watching the Oscars!! Well, for the most part. I am one of those HORRIBLE people who just like to see the pretties and what they are wearing. This year I think the Oscars will be super exciting though! With the strike freshly over, I hope the writer's will just knock our socks off!! Even though I HATE to admit it, I have become a Jon Stewart fan as well over the last few years. My fiance has a man crush on him I swear. Until Sean came along I wasnt that involved in politics. It is hard to avoid it all though when you are dating an editorial cartoonist. ANYWAY, back to the show. I have ALL OF MY FINGERS AND TOES crossed for our sweet Ellen Page! I live about 5 hours from where she grew up in Nova Scotia and I TOTALLY want on of our own to win! How exciting would that be!! I have loved her since I first saw her in Marion Bridge. Learned she was from Halifax while watching X-Men. I dont remember ever watching the Pit Pony, though I am sure I must have. Grew such respect for her acting in Hard Candy. And well, JUNO? HOLY MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER! Ok, may be not ever but I will be buying it and watching it again and again. She is such a talented woman and I am just dying to see what else she brings!

Who I WANT to win!
Leading Role
Viggo Mortense (though I think Daniel Day-Lewis will win)
Ellen Page (she deserves it!)

Animated Film
Ratatouille (spelling?)

Best Picture
Juno (again thinking they will choose Blood but I dont want them too)

Visual Effects
TRANSFORMERS (how could they NOT win)

Anyway, those are my HOPEFULS! Oh and who is going to be the best dressed and worst dressed? We can only imagine!

Speaking of great things happening! The Amazing Digi Scrap Race has begun! Rachel and I won the last time and it was SO MUCH FUN! We had a terrific time and became great friends. I hope everyone has a wonderful time and the best of luck to everyone! Every now and then, when I can, I plan on playing along on the challenges! The first challenge was to create a layout using a template made by Christy Haig. So much fun! Here is my layout. (all credits can be found with the original layout at NDSIB)

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