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Monday, February 11, 2008

It's A Snow Day!

Last night before bed I prayed that it would be a snow day for Connor. I know how much he loves the snow and we have not had much this year. Well, my prayers were answered. Connor has lots of snow to play in this afternoon. Unfortunately, Mommy forgot to realize that she wouldnt be able to do anything today! There are so many things that I should be working on but I find myself uninspired. I want to create! I do, but things are just not working out for me. I have scoured the galleries, the forums, Flickr, Range Finder, I cannot seem to find anything that makes me want to get off my butt. Or stay on it for that matter. I want to do nothing and everything all at once. Connor asked if we could play with 'that big round thing' again, aka my new reflector. I said YES! Some photos with good lighting is something I need to be working on! However, he neglected to mention he wanted me to take photos of his stuffed animals. Ah well, at least they dont move. ;) I got one photo of him. It was a keeper too so that was nice.

I am hoping that after dinner I will be more ambitious and get somethings done. May be even get outside and take some photos today. The man is now here to plow so that is good timing. Connor is in, too cold out to play for long. May be we could just throw on a movie and snuggle all day. That sounds like a good plan to me. :) Hot chocolate, a good movie, lots of blankets and pillows. Awww....an afternoon with my baby.

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Maggie said...

What a fantastic, fantastic photo!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with it - I see dark purples/blues to go with it - or maybe a splash of red