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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad Blogger

I havent been the best blogger lately.  :(  I have been posting a bit more over at the Losing It with the Gigis Blog.  I am now down 17lbs which makes me very happy.  I am going to see about doing some measurements tomorrow to see what kind of inches I am losing.  I went for two walks today.  Running just wasnt in the cards for me.  I have been doing a lot of it lately though, that and yoga.  Planks, killer but you know they work the abs.  I promise to post a better post tomorrow.  Complete with a new project I am working on. 

This is a layout I completed tonight.  A little reminder that I am the only one who controls my life.  While walking through town tonight I had a group of young boys yell out of their car that I was fat and started mooing at me.  Not only that but they then went out of their way to keep coming back.  Do they really think that we need reminders that we arent in good shape?  That we dont know even?  Do they really think that they could say things to us that we havent already said to ourselves?  Do they not realize that a fat girl’s worst enemy is herself?  Old Amy would have stuck her tail between her legs, put her head down and walked home to a bowl of ice cream.  New Amy did not.  New Amy used the anger as fuel and walked for an hour and a half, came home and had an apple.  I like New Amy better.   Besides, I would rather be fat then ignorant and dumb.  ;)


Oh and I have a new business card!  I came up with the idea, Sean drew the camera and then I threw it all together in PS.


Connor is raising money for Heart & Stroke if anyone is interested in helping him.  He will be participating in a Jump-a-thon at the end of April to help raise awareness.  You can see his page here.


I did a layout of Sandy.  I hate to admit how much I am starting to like the cats.  Ick.  LOL


Thanks for stopping by!  Better post tomorrow.  Promise.  :)

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