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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my father is 57 years young.  :)  I know he had a good day from start to finish.  He was grinning from ear to ear the entire time he was here for his 'party.'  Connor and I baked him a cake and made him cards.  Plus we got him a signed copy of The Vinyl Cafe's latest book by Stuart McLean.  I only took one picture tonight but we had a lovely time.

Day 69

Day 69

I have been feeling like sewing lately.  Which is odd because I generally despise the sewing machine.  I am one of those people that measure three times, cut once and mess up ten times.  lol  Ok, I am not that bad but I have had my moments.  Picture me if you will, nine months pregnant with Connor, on the kitchen floor of my parents' house at 1am crying hysterically because I messed up a blanket I was making for my boy.  My father walked into the room, turned around and went upstairs.  I believe I was screaming something along the lines of being a complete failure and for him to leave me alone.  lol  I blame it on the hormones.  I have a lot of pregnancy stories.  ;)

ANYWAY!  I found this fabulous tutorial for Crayon Rolls and eagerly jumped into it today.  I made TWO!  My friend's little girl is having a birthday on Sunday so I made one for her and one for her baby brother.  He is still too young for crayons but there is always next year for him to use it.  :)

This is the first one I made so it's kind of messy.



She loves Disney Princess so I bought her some of the crayons and made the roll to match in colors.



I am planning on making some more tomorrow.  Connor has requested a Spiderman one to match his room.  I might go to my mother's to make some.  She has a serger so it will be a great excuse to play.  ;)

My 365 for yesterday...  We like movies.  Can ya tell?  This is a small section.  We buy them on sale from our local video store second hand.  Great deals.

Day 68

Day 68

Today is my third anniversary of digital scrapbooking.  :)  That makes me happy.  Its officially my longest obsession. 


bunnynose said...

Oh this crayon roll is so cute! It reminds me of this apron from Chasing Fireflies.
Now, this store is so expensive, but they got cute stuff, and I love just looking at their catalog. You can find some great inspirations too.

Amy Eileen said...

That apron is a GREAT idea!! I bet I could make one if I tried....may be. lol