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Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Project in the Works!

Each time Connor’s class has a party I like to make a little something for him to bring in.  Each child who brings something gets to go around and pass out their gift to their friends and I wouldnt want him to miss out on it.  He is always so proud of himself when he does.  Coming up with a gift for the children for Easter, and keep it within budget, was rather tricky for me.  I think I have come up with something fun though.  In total it has cost me a whopping $10!!  LOL  That is enough treats for the 26 kids in his class and his teacher’s little boy.

First I took some plain cloth I got at the fabric store, only cost me a quarter for almost a yard, cut rectangles with some pinking shears for a fun edge.  I then took some foam magnets I found at the store, could not find any real stamps or cookie cutters in town, and stamped on some Spring-y elements with paint.

Next I sewed up three sides, sliced some holes for some pretty ribbon and filled the bags with egg shaped gum balls.  I also bought a white weave basket, filled with basket fill and am going to make it into a bunny.  Here is what I have so far!  I am slowly learning that it doesnt have to be perfect to be cute.

Day 85






Day 86


I have been slacking on my 365 photos.  *hangs head in shame*  I am hoping to get back on track though!  I have been rather busy lately and you will all see the products of my sweat come the first of the month.  :)

Some photos….I missed Day 74, 75 and 76,  Oops.

Day 77


Day 78

Day 78

Day 79

The hot water in the apartment above me burst and flooded my place.  They cut a hole in my kitchen ceiling to make sure that it would dry out. 

Day 79

Day 80

Jennifer and I stopped by the new pet store and she just fell in love with this little guy.

Day 80

Day 81

I have been working on some more crayon rolls and Connor was coloring next to me with his mini markers.

Day 81

Day 82

Missed it.  :(

Day 83

Day 83

Day 84

Missed it again.

I have a little treat for you!  Something I threw together for my chat tonight.  If you want to join us it is at 10PM EST in the Guild chat room.  A small bit of word art called Pieces, you can download it here.


Have a good night!

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