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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a FABULOUS Week!

On Saturday my most wonderful man bought me a laptop.  How exciting is that!  I have never owned a new computer before and its just a great feeling.  I can now open Photoshop in less then SIX SECONDS!  That amazes me, it was  a day long event on my desktop.  lol  I even MADE a laptop bag!!!  Can you believe it?  Not only did I start a sewing project, I finished it!  The same day too!


Day 72


I was also busy sewing up some crayon rolls for my nieces and nephew for Easter.

Day 70




On Saturday we went to hang out with my friends at Ellen’s daugther’s 4th birthday party. 


Day 71

DSC_0368 copy

On Sunday my friend Jennifer came over because my birthday gift had arrived.  :)  Guess what she got me?  A DIANA F+ CAMERA!  LOMO BABY!!  So exciting.  I cant wait to learn, to play and to see the results.  She also got me ten rolls of film for it.  YES!

Day 73

Day 73

To achieve this faux lomo effect I used my Acidic Addictions Photoshop Action, then put a vignette on it and a black stroke.

Yesterday I received my new camera strap, which I have yet to take a picture of but it is already on the camera.  :)   Its so cute!!  Today I received my Amy Butler fabric.  Oh how I love her style but you cannot buy her stuff around here. Thank goodness I discovered Etsy!  :)  I bought some Coriander Pine which I believe I will be making a laptop bag with.  The one here in this post was suppose to be a ‘trial and error’ bag.  lol  It turned out well but its not padded enough for my liking.  I am going to give that one to my mother when for her meetings.


Today I launched a new blog!  its called Losing It with the Gigis.  My friends and I over at the Guild are starting a weight loss challenge with ourselves.  Please join us if you like!  :)  Thanks for stopping by.



Theresa said...

Oh! Yay for the new laptop and rock on with making your own laptop bag!

Jennwhite said...

Congrats on the new laptop, and way cool bag! Have you checked out Spoonflower.com yet? You can design and print your own fabric. I haven't done it yet, but have plans for some ScrappersWorkshop fabric to make aprons out of for our live crops!
Neat blog you have here, love seeing all your crafty projects - you're a girl after my own heart. I just never seem to have time to make things anymore :(

Jenn White

Meisie said...

Cool bag for your brand spanking new laptop! whooohoo! Enjoy! I like those pencils bags/rolls too!
Thanks for dropping by my blog today and leaving such a friendly comment!