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Thursday, March 5, 2009

We may not be big, but we are small.

Last night Mr. Casey and I headed out to the local theatre to watch a show.  His sister gave us tickets to see The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean for Christmas and last night was the night.  When she called and asked me if I thought it was a good gift idea, I responded with, "I am SURE that SEAN will LOVE it."  She offered to get me something else and I said that was silly, of course I would go with him.  Who is Stuart McLean? Well, he is a lovely man who tells this beautiful life stories on the CBC radio.  Sean has literally spent hours sitting in his car and listening to them.  I am a bit of an antsy person and it bugs me to sit in one spot just listening.  I have listened to a total of ONE full story.  Until last night that is!  I am SO SO SO glad that I went with him.  It was such a perfect evening.  There were stories that made us laugh, nod in understanding, smile and shake our heads and even one that literally brought the audience to tears.  It was an amazing feeling.  Mr. McLean said he liked it because it felt as if we were all sitting together in someone's living room and just talking.  You know what?  He was dead on.  Such a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere.

A terrific surprise was the musical entertainment.  Between each story there was a little musical interlude.  Mr.  McLean really knows how to put a show together!  The first musical act was a man named Matt Anderson who seriously sent chills down my spine.  WOW!  That man rocked the stage.  He first sang, Aint No Sunshine, and it was the best version I have ever heard.  Amazing.  Such a doll too!  I talked to him after the show, he signed a CD for us.  A man said he had a voice like honey, I concur.  He just recently won two ECMAs for Best Male Vocalist and Best Blues Album.  So deserving...

The second musical act just stole my heart.  Her name is Meaghan Smith (pronounced MEE-GAN) and she is the coolest chick around.  I talked to her after the show as well and just wanted to take her home with me.  She has this vintage chic appeal to her.  We bought her CD as well and its just lovely.  Its fun, funky and fresh.  Next month she will be touring with K.D. Lang which is exciting!  She is going to be a big star some day, I am sure.  Plus, she has a bowler hat.  I asked Sean if I could get away with one and he said no.  :(  Makes me sad.  Anyway, she only lives 5 hours from here so I am hoping we get to see her again soon.


(I borrowed this photo from a music site)

Tonight they had a second show and I walked back up in the FREEZING cold to get a book signed for my Dad.  His birthday is next week and I thought it would be something he would enjoy.  I was talking to Mr. McLean, he signed the book for me, and he said that they will be back in two years.  Sean, Dad and I will be there with bells on.

Some of my 365 photos for this week...

Day 60

Day 60

My smoothie!  Yummy!

1 cup of frozen fruit (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and black berry)

2 TBSP of plain yogurt

1 cup of OJ

Sprinkle of Flaxseed

Day 61

Day 61

Me....we were leaving for the show last night and I snapped this.  I actually took a picture of Connor for yesterday but its on his camera and I couldnt be bothered to find it.  ;)

Day 62

Day 62

Connor said that supper was "Awesome."  He seems like he really enjoyed it.  He ate the whole thing without complaint.  Usually he thinks that supper is a negotiation.   One more bite of this, two more of this and none of this.  Yeah, no.  Tonight we had a hot hamburger and veggies. Hot hamburger was one open faced with whole wheat bread, gluten free gravy and extra lean ground beef.  Mashed potatoes and carrots.  Nice.  I am now down 16lbs.  :)

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