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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dryer Escapade!

When I moved out of my parents’ house I was fortunate enough to have an apartment where the dryer/washer were included.  Yeehaw!  Unfortunately, the landlords ended up being a little loopy.  Ok, a LOT loopy and I had to move out.  The next place I moved into ALSO had a washer and dryer included.  YIPPEE!!!  However, there was a house fire and I had to move out.  Booo!  My brother, who lived in the downstairs apartment, got the washer/dryer and I left with nothing.  HOWEVER!  Bright and shining lights were upon me!  After months of washing my clothes in an ANCIENT washing machine, you know the kind that you wash on one side and spin on the other?  Yeah, one of THOSE!  I was even SHOCKED once!!!  Ok, twice.  I didnt learn my lesson.  Anyway!  A friend called and said he knew someone who had just bought a new set and wanted to know if I wanted the old set.  Ummm YEAH!  So they brought them over and I was in bliss!  BLISS!  Three years later the washer broke, no issue, we bought a new one because we just happened to have a way too.  Four years after the fact, we got a different dryer to replace the old one.  Different dryer, not NEW dryer, different dryer.

A few weeks ago, the dryer stopped putting out heat.  OH NO!  THE ELEMENT IS SHOT!!  Nope!!  My father, the hero, came over and worked on the dryer and eventually fixed it.  YAY!!  Love my Dad.  Best part?  Cost TWO DOLLARS to fix it!!  Fast forward two blissful, dry, beautifully done laundry weeks later, and the dryer wont turn on!  WHAT?  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I call my mother, she says SoNSo just got a new set, call and see if the old dryer works.  Ring, ring, ring….hello?  Yes?  Oh, it works!  Come and get it!  YAY!  So I call Sean, head to my Poppy’s house (cuz he has a truck) and gather up my cousin (cuz he has muscles).  We go and pick up the new-to-me dryer and bring it in the house.  Poppy and Cuz leave and Sean says to me,  Ummmm baby?  Yes?  There is no plug on the dryer?

WHAT!!!  What do you MEAN there is NO PLUG!?  No plug.  Ring, ring, ring….Hello Daddy?  Have I told you how much I love you lately?  So out he comes with the toolbox, after much time, grunts, groans and general annoyance from me, Sean and Father,  we get the plug off of the old dryer, onto the new dryer.  We hold our breath in anticipation!  Plug the dryer in!  Dad says, Hit the switch!  To which I reply, there is no switch, only a button I can push.  PUSH THE *insert foul language one’s father should never yell at his sweet, innocent daughter here* BUTTON!  I push the button, out of fear for my own safety.  ;)  AND!!!!,……nothing.  Nothing happens!  BUT SHE SAID IT WORKED, I screamed and tears formed in my eyes.  I was SOOOOOOO frustrated!  Dad got out his D0-Hickey machine and checked everything, everything should work.  BUT IT DOESNT!!!

Want to know what it was?  The old dryer had blown the fuse.  Seven dollars for a new fuse AND drum roll please……New-to-me dryer works!  YAY!!!  Clothes are dry, Amy is HAPPY!!!!   No more clothes hanging from my shower rod, the backs of chairs, the bathroom door….its all GOOD!  :)  Sure, the dryer is UGLY but it DRIES my clothes and it saved me from having to pay $300 for a new one.

Price to fix the dryers….$15 (coffee for labour)

Trips to the store…2

People I annoyed in the last month because of my broken dryer issue…6.37 million

Price of having a dryer that actually dries my clothing?  

Priceless!!!!!  :)


Maggie said...

The question is - was the fuse causing the problem with the old dryer?

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

I feel your pain... my dryer quit working a week and a half ago... good news is that I am going to get one tomorrow...Yaay!

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Victor Wetherbee said...

How you described your dad as your personal electrician made me chuckle here. LOL. I hate it when my dryer isn't working! I experienced that a lot when I was renting in an apartment in St. Paul.

Amy Eileen said...

LOL And THAT last dryer? It broke a few months ago and I finally gave in and bought a new one. ;)