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Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Business Card Holder!

  Until today I was keeping my new business cards in my wallet with my receipts, which was quite annoying.  I seriously have more receipts than money in there.  ;)  So I wanted to make something cute, quick and efficient for my cards.  So I got busy.  I thought, what could I possibly do?  Well I had just bought a WHOLE BUNCH of felt at the store, because it was on sale and I had ambitions to create some hair bows for the girls.  I thought, it should be easy to make a card holder with the felt.  Boring though, right?  SO I thought, how cool would it be to make a business card holder that LOOKED LIKE A CAMERA!    Genius, I know.   :) So I grabbed Connor’s camera and used it as a model because my cameras are all much bigger.   I have discovered that I love felt so expect more felt projects soon!



The best part was that even if I had to buy the stuff, it would have cost me no more than two dollars.  TWO DOLLARS for a cool business card holder.  I rock.  :)  LOL  Ok, ok, I will admit it.  I am not as cool as you think.  Once I thought of how cool it would be, I opened my friend Google and did some searching, found this and was totally inspired!  I am definitely going to be making Connor a camera case like these ones.

Happy Day!

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