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Monday, May 18, 2009

My weekend in photos…


Before the rush of the day began, Sandy and I sat out on the porch in the sun.  Sandy has become a sweet friend to me, strange, I know.


Don’t tell Nan I took this photo of her!  Its our little secret!  ;)  I spent most of the day cleaning her place.  She will be 93 in a month!


I caught Sean doing this!  WAAAAAAY back in the day when he first moved here, he had long wavy blond hair.  Seriously, he could have been a Fabio impersonator.  Now that it is thinning on top, he gets rid of all of it. 


Getting my eight glasses of water in!  :)  I took all my breaks on the step to enjoy the weather.


We are getting lobster next weekend!  Hmm…. the boats were hard at work this weekend.


The oldest candle I have ever seen in person.  lol  Cute little fella, he is only about an inch tall.


I was cleaning the inside of Sean’s car and accidently left it in Running and drained the battery.  Oops.  His sister’s man came to my rescue.  Thanks Harry.


When Sean left me in the car alone, I changed the wallpaper on his phone to one of my layouts.  Hehehehe…


Boo came for coffee with us on Sunday.  She was sad that her balloon from Connor’s party got away from her.  Lucky her!  I had some leftovers in my purse!


I made a coffee cozy for my tea!  :)  Isnt it darling?  Emma asked me why my cup needed a coat.  lol  Too cute!  She even reminded me not to throw it away.



To get a photo of my father without a funny face, just wait 10 more seconds.  lol


Dude, just because you are getting old doesnt mean you have to dress like a thrift store rocker.  Seriously, throw the jacket away!  Ick.  Needless to say, I dont like Sean’s vintage tweed thing…yes, thing!


I have been living off of Cream of Wheat this weekend.  Why?  I dont know.  It just is really yummy to me right now.  Sean makes it better than I do.

Last night I stopped taking photos but I watched some TV, mailed some letters and ran.  I ran 1.3km!!!  Go me!  So proud of myself.  From not being able to run at all to being able to run over a km and not die, its a great feeling.

365 photo!

Day 132

I am writing the company for Neo Shifters, they are NOT easy to snap together.


Day 133


Day 134


A layout I made this weekend with Gina Miller’s kit, I Wub You, that I purchased for $1!  Great deal!  :)


Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!  :)

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