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Sunday, May 24, 2009

It was the little green man that did it! *Picture Heavy*

Only my friend Jennifer will understand the title to this post but I just couldnt think of anything to type.  ;)  This week has been nonstop, go, go, go…  I did manage to squeeze in some fun times though!  My weekend in photos….

I called my niece and asked if her and her man would like to get some pictures taken.  (I only promised her a million times and never found the time.)  We didnt have much time and it was COLD but I think we got a few nice shots.  I havent finished editing them but here are a few of my faves.  :)

I give you Jessica and Michael!  Are they not a gorgeous pair?  :)


I just love the framing!  :)

DSC_0176-2 copy

This is Sean’s favorite.


I love the look on Jesse’s face!  lol

DSC_0139 copy

Michael is such a doll!  Nan ADORES him.  I think she would trade us all in for clones of him.  lol

DSC_0160 copy

Cute!  Cute!  Cute!


Day 137


We were in a restaurant so I just bumped the ISO to 1600 and did a quick snap.  Dont you hate it when you are out eating and the people in the next booth keep flashing over and over!  I do.  Its all about the mood lighting!

Day 138


I wanted to go to the fabric store so I bribed Connor with ice cream.  Bad parenting, may be, but it worked.  ;)


Day 139

We took Connor to see Night at the Museum 2 and stopped at the circus on the way home.  I have a video of us on the Ferris Wheel.  Will have to  upload that to YouTube and share another day.  This is with Connor’s camera.






That is Sean on the ground, we were stopped at the top.

Didnt the sky look great?  Sean took this one…


Day 140


What?  No, nothing like his father.  *sarcastic, in case ya didnt get that*  At the charity car wash…

We went to my cousin’s wedding.  I had fun.  Everyone had fun with my camera…  The following were taken by me, Sean, my mother, my father, may be my brother, perhaps an uncle or an aunt…..


LOL  I swear I only had two coolers.  I taught my mother how to use the camera.


I think I danced with everyone but mostly my Dad.  I danced for over 2 hours straight.  In heels.  Ouch.  Like my sunburn?


Mom took this one.  lol


My brother Mark and his wife Christa.



I told my Uncle Matthew I wouldnt put it on Facebook but I said nothing about my blog.  ;)  HI AUNT TRENA!


Me and my woman!


Pretty sure Christa took this one without even looking through the viewfinder.


He looked bored.  Sooooo…….







That look of pain is real!  Dad grabbed me to give me a kiss as I went to get up and I snapped a muscle in my  neck.  Sean was so proud of himself for capturing my pain.  Men.  Argh!  lol  I am a little sore but ok now.  It did not stop me from partying…





My Uncle Richard laughed at me.  A lot.  No really, a lot.  That is Uncle Paul in the background.  He laughed at me a lot as well.

DSC_0293 Meet Aunt Shari and Uncle Wayne who came home for the wedding.  Shari tells it like it is and Wayne cheats at board games.  I just love them!  :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!  To my American friends, hope you are STILL having a great long weekend!

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