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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few quick photos….

I have a horrible cold, still.  I have been sleeping like a fool lately.  Apparently I was kind enough to share the germs with my father and he is now suffering with me.  Today we hung out and complained together.  I slept for two hours on his couch. I fell asleep while we were watching the news.  Poor Dad.  Had to listen to my wheezing the entire time.  lol  Anyway…. some photos… straight off of the camera!

Day 141

I apparently missed it.  I will have to check Sean’s phone to see if I snapped any on that.

Day 142


I ordered this “canvas” print from Artscow.  It was on sale and it only cost me $18.99 for the 16x20 and free shipping.  Its a paper that has a canvas like texture to it.  I like it.  Just to find where to hang it and how.  May be a simple black frame with no glass?  Here is some detail.


Day 143


Connor in bed for the night.  He actually came into my bed to “comfort” me because I wasnt feeling well.  He is an incredibly sweet and caring child when he wants to be. 

Day 144


My latest publication!  That is my layout on the bottom left, Adventure.  Connor loves being in magazines.  This one is Canadian Scrapbooker and will hit the shelves on Monday, June 1st. 

Day 145


Jennifer bought Connor this water blaster for his birthday and today was the first chance he got to use it.  I filled it all the way and it was so heavy he could barely lift it so we only fill it halfway now.  lol  Here he is trying to wet me through the window.  ;)  All of my photos are photos of Connor…hmmmm…..  I need some new subjects.  Any volunteers???? 

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