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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My First Fondant Cake!

Awhile back I got it into my head to make Connor’s cake this year with fondant.  I headed to Michael’s and thought it was WAY too pricey.  So I headed to SuperValu to see their cake selections and there was only one Batman cake.  I really didnt like it and Connor said it wasnt what he wanted.  He said he wanted the logo, like I said I would make.  Argh!  Never tell a kid you are going to do something before you check prices.  ;)  Anyway!  I thought, surely there must be a better way!  Hello YouTube!  A little searching and I found you can make fondant with marshmallows and icing sugar.  How cool is that?  So I did.  :)  Only cost me $4.   (not including the color)  Oh yeah!  This is my first every fondant cake!  This is actually Sean’s cake and I will bake Connor’s in the morning.  I need to make more fondant first.


You like?  I like!  I know its a little lumpy, but I am learning…


ina said...

That is cool, Amy! Makes me want to whip out the electric mixer and bake!

Mellykat said...

AMY! This is FANTASTIC! I'm DYING to try a fondant cake too! We were just at a birthday party where there was an AMAZING Darth Vader cake (I commented on Facebook on her cake.)

You did an amazing job and I need that recipe!!! Carter's party is next week and I want to make an awesome robot cake! :)

M :)