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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You will say WOW every time!

We were at the store when Connor heard the announcement that they were going to be doing a ShamWow demonstration.  He started yelling that we had to go and off we went.  When we got to the aisle he was running and yelling at me to run.  Everyone laughed but I refused to speed up.  lol  The man doing the demonstration was so impressed with Connor that he gave us 25 samples!  Plus, Connor and I managed to convince Sean we needed the bundle.  Yes, I fell for direct marketing.  Shame on me.  lol  When we came home, Connor insisted on doing his own demonstration and asked me to photograph it.


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Yesterday was my nephew’s birthday and when we were arriving at the party, I noticed an eagle sitting on the edge of the cliff.  Couldnt pass that up!  :)  So I yelled at Dad to pull over.

Day 135



I asked Dad to take a picture of me and Mom.  We dont really have many nice pictures of us together and I thought it was a good opportunity since we were both wearing make up.  ;)

mom and me

Not long after we took this picture, my mother spotted the eagle through the window and we went outside to see if I could get a closer shot.  The street where the party was held is no longer fully open.  Part of the cliff gave way a few years back and the town had to fence off the area.  Well, my mother decided that she was going to go behind the fence to see a little bird that was sitting on the guard.  Quite the scene we were!


Day 136

I just realized that I didnt take a photo today so I snapped this.  The corner of my desk where I keep my latest magazines, my scrap albums, my church grim sculpture that my brother bought me, Grimy, as I call him, and my newest little treasure, the box Connor bought me for Mother’s Day.  Does the kid not know his mother or what?  Perfect little memento box for  me.


I am feeling rather ill this evening so I am going to drink some Neocitran and hit the hay.  Thanks for stopping by!

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