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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

School is canceled? For what?

I received a phone call early this morning from Connor's step-mom. She was hoping to catch me before the alarm went off. She did. There is no school today, she said, why, I asked. Because we MIGHT get freezing rain at some point today. I know that I am starting to sound old when I say things like this BUT when we were kids, we had to walk to school in THREE FEET OF SNOW! I literally remember walking in snowstorms because it was too bad out to drive!! Now they are canceling if they THINK the weather MIGHT get bad. Connor is NEVER in school. In the last month he has had one party at school, one skating party, one PJ and movie day, two inservices, Parent/Teacher, he was off sick for two days, he has today off because of the 'weather', he goes tomorrow, then Friday is National Hook-off Day, then next week he is off for March break, then he has a week of class and is off for Easter holidays!!! He goes to school for like 2 weeks a month! There, my rant is over. :) I rather enjoy having him home though. Even if I am forced to watch Scooby Doo over and over and over and over and over again. ;)

Sickness is good for my creativity! On Friday Connor became horribly ill. Seriously the sickest kid I have ever seen! Then he was nice enough to share and gave it to me, Sean, my Dad and his step-mom. So we are all sick! Getting much better now though. However, through my fog I have become rather creative! Being that I am unable to move much right now, sitting at the computer is the least draining activity for me, besides TV which is boring. So I have been scrapping up a STORM! I have been doing some other things behind the scenes as well that wont reveal themselves for a few more weeks but know that I DID THEM! :)

Some of my newest creations!

All credits can be found with the original layouts posted at the Guild.

And one more quick note, before I started my new diet of Popsicles and crackers, wink wink, I put a new product in the store! The Bad Boyz Mini Kit is in the store now! Perfect for all those teen layouts where the girly colors and flowers will just not do!

I certainly hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!! OH OH OH and my friend Maggie is having a journaling chat tonight at the Guild! CHECK IT OUT! That woman has some good ideas! If you scrap or blog, it will be great inspiration for you!


amy said...

lol that's always a good reason to cancel school... nice.

Sara E said...

my oldest son's school canceled for a snow day before it started snowing yesterday... but it's a good thing.. it ended up dumping 10 inches

and.. I love your barbed wire on your last LO... very cool

Anonymous said...

Wow, sickness does seem to be good for you, those LO's are awesome! My fave is the top one, the purple one. Love the big photo with the cluster underneath, it's awesome!

Mellykat said...

I love your blog; it's a thing of beauty! You are bookmarked and I will be baaaaaaack!

Melly :)

Helena said...

"Fun at the beach" is a hoot. Great extraction!

AfriDigiDiva said...

You are too funny. We homeschool so there's never a day off!

Kathy said...

The same thing happens here...It drives me crazy! My kids have only gone to school 3 days this week because of weather.
We never got snow days when I was in school! Here if one snowflake falls everything closes...Crazy.
My youngest has been sick this week, I am really hoping I don't get it, but I don't think I'll get that lucky.
I hope y'all are feeling better soon.