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Monday, April 14, 2008

Aren't Mondays Wonderful?

No? They arent? Well, to tell you the truth, I like Mondays. Why? Because Connor spends the weekends with his Dad so come 2pm on Monday when he gets out of school I am being hugged by the cutest little bugger in the world! Yesterday Connor and his Dad stopped by for a short visit but he didnt want to leave. I was so happy that he wanted to stay with me. Normally he would pick his Dad, hands down, because they spoil him so much. He is 5 and its hard to understand that love and commitment are better then toys and chicken nuggets. Not saying that they dont treat him with love and commitment, just saying that they are more prone to showing love through objects. I am very proud of his Dad for stepping up though and really taking hold of discipling Connor and talking to him about things that are going on. I honestly think that is why Connor wanted to stay home yesterday. Daddy wasnt all fun loving this weekend. lol I feel better now. Before I felt it was always Good Guy/Bad Guy, with me being the Bad Guy. :( Connor might not like it but I sure do. They will always give him more material goods then I can but some day Connor will see that everything I do is for him.
This weekend was not as productive as I had hoped it would be. Yesterday, for some odd reason, I felt horribly ill. I am going to blame it on that NASTY Chinese food that Sean bought for supper the night before. We shall never eat there again. Yuck. However, I did complete the card for my brother. Have to mail that out today. It honestly ended up taking a lot longer then I expected it too. Thought it would be quick but I ended up spending a few hours on it. First I used an iron on tattoo, then I embroidered certain parts, then I did the inside free hand, thats why its messy. lol Then I sewed it all together with some thin batting inside. My first fabric card.

I did work more on my curtains for the kitchen. We did get the heavy duty garbage out to the curb for Wednesday. The materials that I bought for my tank top project just isnt going to cut it so I am waiting until Michael's opens on the 27th to check and see if they have something better! So all and all my weekend was okay.
I couldnt seem to scrap yesterday. No matter how long I sat at the computer, nothing was coming out of me. Today however is a different story. I completed a mini kit for charity, details another day. I also completed a layout!! WAHOO! Over at NDISB my dear friend Fran has a great new challenge running. It's your basic scraplift but every week she throws us a little twist. I did forget the twist this time though. :( Oops. Next time I will remember. My darling niece, Emma. Here is my creation, inspired by a layout by Debb Cozzi.

Credits, Playful Nature, Colorful Soul PS Action (has been tested and will work in PSE6) by my, Amy Head, Freestyle Frolic, this month's Guild kit, quote by Katie Pertiet over at DD.

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