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Friday, April 4, 2008

What a week!

Thank goodness this week is almost over!! Crazy things have been happening in the last few days. Here are some of the highlights.

On Wednesday I went into the city with Sean while he worked. I spend the afternoon sitting in the restaurant embroidering. I had a nice lady come over to talk to me. I would say she was in her late 50s and she mentioned how happy she was to see what I was doing. People dont do that any more, she said, its good to see someone is. That was nice of her! Afterwards we were heading out and I said I wanted to stop and donate blood. We headed over to the clinic and that is when the weirdness started!! I dont have any issues giving blood. This time though was a different story. They had to check my iron TWICE! Then I was dumb and filled out the sheet wrong and had to do that again. Then after the RN put the needle in the blood stopped flowing. They had to jiggle the needle around to get it going and I kept moving my fingers to help the flow. None of this bothered me. What did bother me was that when they took the needle out, my blood would not STOP! It took them FIFTEEN minutes to stop the blood. They actually had to put a block of ice on my arm to stop it. My whole arm was sore and red and well...frozen! I left feeling so drained, literally. lol I will give again though.

THEN yesterday I went to a health fair at the local community college to get my blood sugar and cholesterol checked. When they stuck me with the needle NO BLOOD CAME OUT! She had to massage my hand and finger for two minutes to get the blood to come out. How freaky is all this!! I laughed and made a joke about how the blood bank took everything I had to give.

When we picked Connor up at school he told me that he had been bitten by a spider. I told him not to be lying. He said he had! I told him to show me. He took off his glove and sure enough, his hand was red and swollen. I ran back into the school, livid that my son had been bitten and I hadnt been told. He hadnt TOLD the teacher. The kids were getting ready to leave when they saw the spider. They were told not to touch it while the teacher went to get a bug jar so they could all look at it. Connor picked it up, it bit him. We spend the next 4 hours at the hospital where Connor was the talk of the town. We had the spider with us and he made his rounds with the nurses. Everyone had to see the little boy who had been bitten and his spider. We apparently dont have too many spider bite cases in this neck of the woods. lol Everything worked out fine though. Except for the spider, he died. :( Apparently being thrown around so much is a bad thing. We did have every intention on letting him go.

So those are a few of my events this week! Today I finished up a new mini kit that will be in the store on Monday. Super excited. Its so cute! I will have lots of inspiration to show you on Monday! I also have a lot to show you today!!! Its the beginning of the month which means the Guild is booming! The Artisan Notebook was released and of course the monthly Guild kit, Freestyle Frolic! Amazing deals happening this weekend with a get to know you special! Check it out!
And to help get you inspired, here are a few of the layouts made by some of the wonderful Guild ladies!






Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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Mellykat said...

Canadian Blood Services just called me yesterday to tell me they had to change my appointment. They come to my town a couple times a year and I always donate.

A couple times my iron was too low and I didn't get to donate, but I'm up to 30 donations so far!

I hope they didn't poke too many holes in you!

Sounds like you're having a bunch of ups and downs...here's to some more ups!!!

Melly :)