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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am on a streak!

For stealing other's people's things!!! I stole a magazine from the doctor's office today!! Ok, I didnt technically steal it, I asked if I could have it. The secretary laughed and said I could take as many as I wanted but she stopped me when I tried to take them all. lol Kidding. I only took the one. Living by Martha Stewart. I like Martha but seriously isnt she rich enough? She charges a bloody fortune for EVERYTHING that has her name on it. You would think she would be a little nicer after the whole jail stint. ;) So what else is new? Hmmmmm....OH, ya know what I did today? I joined a group at Flickr called Project 365 where you take one photo a day for a year. Last year I attempted the 365 Days project where you take one self portrait a day for a year but I didnt last. If I remember correctly I made it 121 days. Everyone was upset with me when I quit but COME ON PEOPLE how many photos of me can people really handle? I think this will be much better because I can have more creative freedoms. For instance, today, I took a picture of a cookie. OMG did it ever taste good too. Molasses, freshly baked today at the local bakery. Connor I picked them up on the way home from the doctor's...in the rain. Ick. It was warm-ish out though so it wasnt too bad. You want to see my cookie, dont you? I know you do!
It's almost National Scrapbooking Day!! WHOOT WHOOT! Lots of fun challenges, chats and sales are going to be taking place this weekend. Grab some frozen dinners for the family and a giant bag of M&Ms for yourself. ;) Over at NDSIB.COM we will be having a storewide 50% off sale!! How awesome is THAT! Over at the Guild I will be having a challenge or two where you can win some product and/or coupons.
Its STILL raining here so I still havent been able to work on my window. Its getting annoying. I guess I will just have to focus on other things. Like housework. Or may be I will just scrap? hehehe Hope everyone has a great day! DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE GUILD ON THURSDAY! Its the first of the month and that means a NEW GUILD KIT! This one (like all of them) is sure to inspire! It fun, its bold, its funky, its just plain awesome! I already have a few layouts completed with it. OH and the Artisan Notebook will be coming out. Check that out for LOTS of great inspiration, tips, challenges and goodies!

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Mellykat said...

I love that I found someone who uses as many exclamation marks as I do!!!

Love the cookie picture. Looks delish. Great job on the photog of it too!

I attempted the photo a day thing for about a month or so. I bailed. Sad. I've barely touched the camera the past couple months. I'll try to pick it up again and keep it going.

Have a great day!

Melly :)