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Monday, April 28, 2008

LOTS of little jobs Bill, LOTS of little jobs.

Yesterday I was at Nan's house helping Bill and Judy with the removal of wall paper from yet another room. This is the second room and I fear there may be more to come. Ick. I love Sean's family but they seriously need to find another hobby. lol Kidding. While we were working on the room Judy left to go cook supper leaving Bill and myself alone. Bill said to me that one of his friends had told him a quote that helped him get through jobs like this one. He said, there are no big jobs, just a lot of little ones. For instance, redoing these rooms. First you make the decision, then you strip the paper, then you scrap off the glue, then you fill the holes (really old house), then you sand, then you clean, then you wallpaper. Lots of little jobs. Right. SO while I was thinking about this, a PAINTING came to mind. I love mixed media fun. I grabbed a piece of wallpaper, Bill's quote and got to work. Here is my tribute to two weeks of scrapping, sanding, and other generally messy work.

I really enjoyed taking the frustrations out on my canvas though. :) When Sean saw it he said that it looked just like the past few weeks. lol He didnt notice that the wallpaper was from the most recent room. He just it just looked familiar. Men.
At MICHAELS! I also purchased some scrapbooking paper and created this card.

I have been also creating a lot of layouts that I cannot show you yet!! They were created using the May Guild kit and let me tell you IT ROCKS! Everyone is going to FLIP when they see it. Its fun, unique, bold and just plain awesome. :) Last night I finished a page that is truly dear to my heart. A layout in honor of the incredible group of women I have had the honor of creating with this past year, The Guild Gigis.

This layout was creating with April's Guild kit, Freestyle Frolic and Holley Vandenburg's A Shabby White Alpha.
I have been taking a lot of them lately. Sean's Uncle Bill has been really wanting me to take a lot of pictures of the shoreline around the house for him to take back to Ontario with him. Here are a few...
(Please click on them to see full size)
As the sun was setting...
Far off in the distance, electricity filled the air...
The ice is in! Again...
My niece Emma came for Sunday morning family coffee again this week. Generally we dont allow kids, its grown up time, but occasionally we let one sneak in. lol (I know we are my parents' children but we are all grown up now so we are allowed. ;))
She ate the sprinkles off of her donut one at a time. She also offered them to everyone at the table, one at a time. lol
One sprinkle at a time Sweet Emma...

ITS MONDAY! That means that tonight is my chat at the Guild. Come be inspired at 10PM EST. Last week we wanted to rounded corners and if you wanted, to use this quote by Picasso, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
Here are some of the layouts the ladies created:
Marly (totally love her spin on this)

and Girliealonzo!

All credits can be found for these layouts with their original posts at DSAGuild.com
Have a great day everyone!


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

You've been a busy busy gal!

Love the card, the photos and the layout! Great job!

Kathy said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog about my son {he was reading at the pool}. He will be way impressed when I show him. And no, I did not know that was going to be a movie, She's Come Undone - should be a good one.
Fixed my link - 1st time trying that way.
You have a really fun blog. Hope to get back again.

Designing-Moments said...

oh wow very busy bee I see! Love all the things you shared :)

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Wow, lots of fun stuff! I'll have to see if I can get to the chat tonight - I just recently checked out the Guild, and was impressed!

movefearlessly said...

wow, you've been busy!! great stuff

movefearlessly said...

wow, you've been busy!! great stuff

movefearlessly said...

wow, you've been busy!! great stuff

Barb said...

Stunning photos and very smart advice!!!

Mellykat said...

Dude...the square footage in the rooms of that house must have increased exponentially with each layer of wallpaper you took off!!! lol

That's a cool painting and a beautiful card you made! Very inspirational!

Melly :)