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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Wow, Spring might actually arrive on the East coast! :) Such a gorgeous day outside today. Connor and I had a wonderful time playing in the back yard. We went for a nice walk to town. I bought myself a new pair of sneakers, they FIT. I have wide feet and its hard to find shoes. Also, great thing for me, the lady took TWENTY dollars off of the price for me! How awesome is THAT! I will definitely shop there again. We came home and played in the yard. There was a very cute little bird singing in the tree so I went to take his picture. Connor came up behind me though and yelled, THERE HE IS MOMMY! lol Well, surprisingly he flew away. Connor was so sad. This was the face he had on.

We played with some chalk which ended up ALL over Connor. We played on the swings. He wrote me a special note at school today. I welled up at it. Such a huge moment for me. He read:
I am Connor.
I am five years.
I like dogs.
I like playing with my dinosaurs.
I like playing with my mom.

Awwwww!! Thats so sweet!! Just love that. :) While he was running around the yard and playing with his cars, I thought I would do some embroidery. Finally a hobby I can tote around with me. Its wonderful. I am currently working on some hoops to hang up around the house. Some kitchy creations. I started on an owl today.

I have decided that each day I will take a photo without a layout in mind! lol It doesnt have to be perfect, it doesnt even really have to look good, just as long as I take it. :) I think it will really help inspire myself and help me learn as well! I am currently working on a layout of one of the photos I took yesterday. It was coming along so well and then the creativity just flew out the window. :( I suppose that tomorrow I will be able to finish that one. Sometimes you just need to step away and come back with a fresh mind.

The April Issue of Bella Scraps has been released! Check it out, its loaded with wonderful articles, one by yours truly, inspirational layouts and fantastic ideas. That is all for now. I must be heading to bed because I have a long day ahead of me. We have to finish scrapping off the SEVEN layers of wallpaper tomorrow.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my eldest brother Earl, he turned 34 yrs today! I hope he had a MARVELOUS day!

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