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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bangin' Sister!

I find that I am going through a lot of changes in my life recently and along with them I decided to change my hair as well. I generally had the tendency to go for a nice clean cut, nothing special. Over the years I also avoided bangs because they always made me look so young. I am now at the ripe old age of 27 and that 'young thing' no longer bothers me. As Sean was ripping grays out of my head yesterday I decided to cut my bangs! So far the jury is still out as to whether or not I like them. Sean LOVES my hair. Its fun, its young, its edgy. My mother DISLIKES my hair. My father LIKES my hair. He had a smile on. He didnt ask who vandalized my head, thats a great clue to his feelings. I tried to take a self portrait this morning to show everyone my hair but things were not working out for me. Honestly, I just couldnt be bothered to fool around with it. SO here is a not in focus but still oh so artsy photograph that I took. Add some drama with my Black and White Photography PS Action, again addicted to this action!
Another great thing, a young man that was in Tim Horton's told me that I was 25. Gee! I know its only two years but when I am 30, that will be a good thing. lol I know everyone out there is telling me to shut up because I am so darn young! What is it that they say? Still wet behind the ears? I know that comes from somewhere but I am not sure where. I dont like it though. Its an ugly saying.
I created a layout for a challenge by Sayo at the Guild this week. The challenge was to create a layout using the word begin. Here is my layout of my handsome man.

Credits, Unlock Your Dreams and Torn Print Alpha by the Guild Designers, Frayed Template by Lie Fhung, Discover and Vintage Type Alpha by Lisa Dozier and of course, Black and White Photography Action by my, Amy Head.
GREY'S IS BACK!!! Tonight is the night and I am oh so thrilled! I cannot WAIT to see what happens. :) Its a glorious day.
Does anyone else HATE that stupid Monistat commercial on TV these days? Those angry/happy talk bubbles coming out of the women's vaginas? I mean COME ON how horrible is that? Dumb. Of course, someone got rich off of that idea and it amazes me. Goes along the same line as HAVE A HAPPY PERIOD on my pad liner. Seriously, that annoys me every month. Is that sad? lol
I think today I am going to start on my garbage window. I have a game plan. Whoot whoot. MICHAELS is coming!! YAY! Its opening on SATURDAY! Therefore, no one will see me the entire weekend. :D I have a list a mile long of goodies I want to buy. I wont. I want too though. Its like heaven on Earth, baby. Heaven on Earth.
Today's blog post is a lot like having a conversation with me. Crazy, unorganized, rambling, weird nonsense. :) If only my blog had one of these weird Eastern accents like I do. ;)


Mellykat said...

Dude. I love reading your blog. It really speaks to me. lol

Loooooooove the new doo and the artsy fartsy picture. You're really great at photography!

Can't wait to see what you do with the garbage window! heehee.

Sorry I don't comment more often...I read every post but I'm usually at work when I do so I read through my Google reader and close it really quick! ;)

Have a great Thursday!
melly :)

Sayo said...

I love your new do, Amy! and the picture looks prettey darn good to me. :)
I was laughing about you Happy period coment. Actually it reminded me the open letter, that has been circulated for awhile.
have you seen it before?

Amy Eileen said...

LMBO! That letter is SO TRUE AND SO FUNNY!

absolutartist1 said...

LOL I'm back again! Just wanted to say TY one more time for that awesome design the other day... I got LOTD at 3Scrapateers for my scraplift LO!

Good luck with your shopping list for Michael's, and have fun with your window!