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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Herringbone is a Neutral!

I do not go shopping with my mother. I dont. After years of trying, I decided that is best for our relationship if we do not enter into clothing stores together. Yesterday I was feeling rather chipper and decided 'oh what the heck I will go with her.' MISTAKE PEOPLE! She said, and I quote, "Amy, will you come to *store* with me and help me pick out a new outfit. I want to get something different then I would normally pick out and I thought you could help." So we head into store and start looking. I start by showing her pieces and finally say, well why dont I just put together an outfit for you to try on. Alrighty then! I picked out a nice beige/peach/brown/olive small print floral blouse, a pair of brown herringbone dress pants and a nice taupe colored fitted blazer/jacket. She put it on and it looked FABULOUS on her. Man, my Mom's butt never looked so good. ;) I know my Dad would have LOVED those pants. However! My Mom says to me, I cant wear this. You cant mix patterns. Mix patterns? Sure you can! However, I say, herringbone is such a subtle pattern that it is considered a neutral. You only have pattern on the blouse. She calls over the MANAGER of store and says, what do you think? Manager says, Oh no, you CANNOT MIX PATTERNS! Seriously, if you WORK in fashion you should at least know that YOU CAN MIX PATTERNS BUT HERRINGBONE IS A NEUTRAL. So I say politely, ACTUALLY you CAN mix patterns under certain conditions but she only has one pattern on. Herringbone is a neutral. No, its not. Yes, it is. No, its not. YES IT IS!! Ok, I say, we will find some nice pin striped pants then since we are getting nowhere with the herringbone pants. OH NO! YOU CANNOT MIX PIN STRIPPED PANTS WITH A FLORAL BLOUSE! Quick, grab a solid shirt. Has NO ONE listened to me the entire time? I hate to say it people but pin strips are NEUTRAL as well and CAN be worn with patterns. I should Google this and email it to my Mom and the Manager. It really does frustrate me. So you know what my Mom bought? PLAIN BLACK DRESS PANTS! I spent HOURS in that store with her and she came out with ANOTHER pair of plain black dress pants. DO NOT SHOP WITH MOM!
There my rant is over. :) Today it was misty out. Connor decided that not only would be wear his new boots but he would also take his umbrella to school with him. He looks SO CUTE and horribly mismatched but I HAD to take some pictures along the way. He was so proud of himself.

He gets his fashion sense from my Mom. ;) On our way we also ran into my future SIL and my niece Emma. She looked so cute! It was a bit chilly out and she had just woken up not long before. She was waving and yelling 'Namy.' Love her!

WE HAVE WATER! At Nan's that is. Since Nan has been in the hospital the house has been without water. On the night she broke her hip the lid of the coal bin blew off and the pipes froze. Of course then they burst. The water meter was split and one pipe had a hole in it. A friend of my Dad's works for the town so he came over yesterday and installed a new meter for us. YAY! That was one less job for the plumber. It took almost THREE WEEKS to get the plumber to the house. He kept saying he was coming but he wouldnt show up. It was ridiculous. I wanted Sean to find someone else to do it but Nan is so fussy about things. She likes to make the decisions and that was her choice. Anyway, FINALLY today Sean went down to their office and complained. Someone showed up at the house less then an hour later and fixed the pipe. We now have water! Tonight I will be spending most of my time cleaning since nothing has been done without water. Nan's daughter will be home on Wednesday for three weeks and her son the week after. Then after that her nephew and his wife will be down for a few months. We are so happy that we will have lots of help once Nan gets home, which should be within two weeks. Glad things are FINALLY going to be getting back on track around here.
Want to know what made me really happy yesterday? Its silly. I went to Home Depot and purchased two Rubbermaid totes for THREE DOLLARS each! Whoot whoot! I wanted them for my Christmas decor which was in ripped cardboard boxes and driving me batty. I am really doing my best to become more organized. OH and I got new burner covers for my stove. Sean burned mine, even though he said it MUST have been me. ;) lol Men. So I bought some fabric for some new curtains to match my new covers. I am so weird. I shouldnt have said anything, now people will expect me to make the curtains!! ;) My bedroom should be complete this weekend! Finally. I hope.
Well, I am off to get some more stuff done. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


Robin L said...

Glad your pipes are fixed and youll have lots of help when Nan gets back home. Great pictures too, they both are so cute! Have a great day!

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