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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rain, rain go AWAY!

It is STILL raining. I really wish it would stop. Things just stop moving when the weather is gross like this! At least when there is snow on the ground we have something pretty to look at. The other day when we were driving down the street Sean started pointing out the window yelling LOOK LOOK! I thought he was going nuts. What am I looking at Sweetie? THE GRASS! What about the grass Sweetie? ITS TURNING GREEN! OMG IT TOTALLY IS! WILL SPRING ACTUALLY COME? WILL SUMMER? WILL THE SHINE ON OUR FAIR TOWN ONCE AGAIN?!!?? May be. Starting to doubt that though. I am really anxious to get outside and take some pictures of people. You know, have fun, roll around on the ground with my camera while people point and stare. The good times. ;) Speaking of good times, I have a new paper pack in the store today. Only $1.99 AND you get a bonus wordart to match. How awesome is that! Check it out in the store, its called Funky Dayz.

I went to Michael's again yesterday. Yuppers. I have to STOP that place is going to be the death of me. I only spent one hour there this time though. Thats only because Sean and I wanted to head out to a show. We saw Harold and Kumar, they are SO funny but you really have to be ok with toilet humor to enjoy it. The lady sitting behind us? She was ROARING! I spent more time laughing at her. It was fantastic. lol. You are all dying to know what I bought at Michael's arent you? I know you are! Well, Sean bought me a set of pliers, the ones for making necklaces. SO I bought a whole bunch of necklace making supplies. I KNOW because I dont have ENOUGH HOBBIES ALREADY! Right? Right. So anyway, I made two necklaces last night while watching American Idol. I totally knew Brooke was going home this week but still oh so sad about it. She has such a wonderful air about her. Fun, free and very emotive. Anyway....my necklace.
Black bird fly, black bird fly into the....
Cool, huh? I like it.
Its the FIRST OF THE MONTH! That means that the Guild kit has been released!! ITS AMAZING! Check it out here!
And of course the Artisan Notebook has been released and I am already head first into it, check that out here! You also get a bonus set of elements by Debb Cozzi with this issue! I, of course, have been playing with the kit nonstop for days!! I have two and a half layouts made with it so far but this one is my fave by far. I know that the thumbnail in the galleries does it no justice. :( I love it though. Its SO MUCH Connor. All the fun little sayings that he has, all boy and totally free!

Yesterday I made up some invitations for Connor's party next weekend. He wanted a Transformer party and that is what he is going to get! We could not find any invites around here so Mom broke out Photoshop. ;) Here it is! May be you could use it as well some time. It is 3.5x5 so you can fit four on a regular letter sized sheet of paper to save money as well.

Click on image for full size.
That's it for me. Going to work on some more things now I suppose. :) Have a great day!


Mellykat said...

Love the invitation, the necklace...the blog post. I have a few high-res graphics from Transformers that I got from a web site called slashfilm dot com. If you go on hello I'll send you to them.

Hope the rain clears for you; our snowman is already just a memory so I'm not too far behind you in the Spring department! Just have to wait for the grass to turn green around here too.

Melly :)

Wookies Mama said...

Very cool transformer invitation!