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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Getting down with my Crafty Self

Thats what I have been doing. :) One day last week, when we went to the hospital to visit Nan, I picked up a copy of the latest Paper Crafts magazine. This is odd because I have never purchased it before. While skipping through it, I saw an add for a Donna Downey scrapbook book. Just a day or so before I had stumbled upon her blog and thought 'fabric scrapbooking?' how cool. THEN! I see the ad for the exact project I had noticed on her blog. In one of her videos, behind her family, there were these adorable hoop pieces. It was the same that was in the magazine. :) However, there was something that had disturbed me. How does one print on fabric? Thanks to the Instructables website, I NOW KNOW! EAZY PEAZY! All you have to do is buy some Reynolds Freezer Wrap. Iron it on to the back of your chosen fabric. Cut to fit your printer. Hit print. Watch in amazement. Wait a few minutes, peel off the paper and VOILA, you have just printed on fabric.

Now I just have to wait until Michaels opens to finish my project. There are no craft stores around here. Walmart has nothing and FabricVille has very little. BTW totally upset with FabricVille right now. Holy false advertising, but I digress.

Another little crafty hobby I have recently picked up is embroidery. By recently, I mean yesterday. ;) I was flipping through my fave channels the other day, TLC, Slice, HGTV, etc., when I saw an episode of She's Crafty. I have never actually managed to catch this show so I was rather excited. However, turned out it was going to be about embroidery. *yawn* This aint your grandmother's embroidery, they said. Uh huh! I was about to change the channel until I saw her. Who is her? Jenny Hart is her. She looked like a rockstar, cuz she was one I guess. lol Anyway, she is totally adorable and totally convinced me to try it. I did last night and I am loving it. I know that I am FAR from perfect but its only my first try.

So far I have tried the Satin Stitch, the Slip Stitch, whats the regular one called?, oh and the Devil's Knot. What? French Knot? Are you sure? Ok, fine, the French Knot. Oh and Jenny? Well she is sweet. I added her as a Contact on Flickr. I sent her an email thanking her for inspiring me. I didnt expect a response but I got one. She emailed me back the next day. How sweet is that! Check out her site Sublime Stitching for some very cool designs!
Check back tomorrow for some new product releases. :) Thanks for stopping by.


Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Ok, how cool is that? You started embroidery and in one night, you've done that much already? I'm thinking it may be time to add a new hobby - I did embroidery as a teenager and LOVED it. SO calming. Thanks for the links!

Andrea said...

Wow, you can do a French Knot? Yikes. I used to do a lot of cross stitch, it was really a lot of fun for me, but I never ever did a French knot successfully. I used to put on a bead instead. Way to go!
Maybe I'll pick the hoop back up someday when I don't have small children in the house. It's tough to count stitches when there's a toddler literally climbing up your body like I have right now! LOL!
Thanks, I'm really enjoying Jenny's page!

DawnMarch said...

Isn't embroidery fun!? Yours looks great. Jenny's designs are so cute too.

I used fabric on my scrapbook once -- I printed my son's hospital photo out onto his hospital blanket, cut the section out and sewed it into his scrapbook. It came out perfectly and is one of my favorite pages, but it was a little scary, since I only had that one blanket and didn't want to mess it up! Good luck with yours!

Tammy said...

Your embriodery looks great!! I use to do that all the time, but my eyes can't see it as well now as I age. I have tons of stuff my grandmothers did and I think a quilt or pillows would be a wonderful project with all that stuff.

Robin L said...

Ok now you have inspired me with the print on fabric! How cool is that! Thank you so much for the info and the links!

Jess said...

great projects. I print out on photopaper all the time. My LO's anyway, and then quilt them fantastic invention fabric paper