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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things I Have Learned Today

It is amazing what you can learn in such a short period of time. Here is what I learned this morning:
If you have always spoiled someone they will continue to want to be spoiled. (Not talking about Connor)
You cannot feel guilty because someone else made a mistake. (Not talking about me)
A five year CAN not like something that is sugar, sugar and more sugar. Would anyone like some toaster strudels? They have blue icing. :)
If you are in a rush, do not give a child learning to read Alphabits for breakfast. You can only imagine the things that will come out of him.
No matter what tune you use, if you sing the song with only the word EAT and quickly, laughter will ensue. Not good if you are already late.
When the alarm goes off, do not turn it off and go back to sleep. You set it for a reason.

There are millions of things to learn everyday. Sometimes we think we havent learned anything new but I can guarantee that at some point during the day, you have learned something you never knew before. It happens. Trust me. Have you ever thought to yourself, wow, wish I had learned that earlier on in life? I know I have. I suppose we all do what we do to get where we are though. I know that if I had made all the 'right' decisions in my life, I would most definitely not be where I am today. I would therefore be missing out on some stupendous events and people. For instance, I would not be a mother. I would not have my beautiful, precious child. I would never have met Sean. Well, I would have met him but I would not have dated him. It would not have been the right thing to do. Those are the two biggest things really. The only ones that I truly am grateful for. My two biggest mistakes in life lead me to my two biggest loves. So were they really mistakes after all? Hmmmm.... There are a few things though, that I wish I had known. I probably wouldnt have changed my life any but I still wish I had known.

Dear 16yr old self,

It has now been 10 years since I was your age. Ok FINE, eleven years but whose counting? Over the years a great deal has happened. Some of the events were wonderful, some were not but you learned from all of them. I do not have to tell you to enjoy the freedom you have now. I do not have to tell you what a lucky person you are. I do not have to tell you to slow down. You already know all this. I am very proud of you. You listened to your heart, not your peers, for most things. You know how privileged you are to be a normal teenager. Enjoy it while you can because it is gone before you know it. If there was one thing I could mention to you, it would be something that seems so simple. Take Science and Art! I know that teachers and guidance counselors have told you that it doesnt matter right now, but it does! What if they are wrong? What if you arent meant to be an early childhood teacher? Just because the adults and all those silly "What should I be when I grow up' tests point one way, does not mean that you have to go that route. There are many things that I could teach you, warn you about but if I did, then you wouldnt be the person you are today. But seriously, the one thing I do know is this, You should really consider Science and Art. I know you dont like Science but it opens a lot of doors and you are good at it. I know you dont like Grimace but seriously, does that matter? You are a creative person. I know you dont believe it but you are. Art will do you so much better then Drama in a few years. Sure, you make a mean fake piano bench but you make an even meaner craft project. CHECK THEM OUT! Seriously, do not let the man who wears short red and white running shorts from the 80s choose your future for you! (Sorry Mr. White)

I love you. I always will, even when you think I dont. Smile. Be proud of yourself. Stand tall. Seriously, like we arent short enough. Stand up! ;)
Your 27yr old self.

I really wanted to say TAKE TYPING but I did that, so that advice was no good for me. My favorite part in the movie Anchorman was when Steve Carrel said I Love Lamp. lol That seems completely off subject but this is going to be a moment like that.

I Love Maggie. :)

Thanks dear Maggie for the brilliant journaling prompt. Check it out at the Guild under Creative Team Challenges.

9:30am. Should I work or should I play? I played a lot yesterday. I seemed to have been on a Shabby Princess kick. My two layouts from yesterday. The block layout is my challenge for the week. Check out the details at the Guild under Designer Team Challenges.

Kits by SP, alpha is Swirlicious by me, font is DSAG Simple Print by Christie Frachioni.

Thanks for reading.


AfriDigiDiva said...

Beautiful layouts. Excellent lessons to be learned. This is one to be bookmarked and passed around for awhile. Thanks so much.

Kristine said...

I wandered over from Heather Manning's blog when I saw the comment about Future Shop! Yay!! Another Canadian!!! I live just south of Hamilton but am originally from the Ottawa Valley.

Your blog post cracked me right up...am still giggling about Alphabits...too true.....:D

Leigh said...

Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. That is the kiddie rule! LOL!

Mellykat said...

LOL you really crack me up. Sometimes I think I'm reading about my family. LOL

And OMG I loooooove the massive boog layout; and find it hilarious that we both did a snot layout this week! heehee

Mellykat :)

Mellykat said...


P.S. I love both layouts and the journaling to your 16-year-old self is fabulous!

Maggie said...

OMG! I love you, too, Amy! This is such a great blog entry - I wasn't sure where it was all going to end up - and you shot me right in the heart!!! And then had me doubled over laughing at the Boogerlicious layout!!!!!