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Monday, March 24, 2008

Someone is SERIOUSLY messing with Me!

Remember the other day the whole baby brother story? Well, it continues today. Connor and I had Sean drop us off at the Dollarama as he left for work. We then were going to walk home. Connor had forgotten his mitts and I could not find any in the nearest stores. I gave him mine and decided to stop as much as possible on the way home so that my hands didnt freeze. It was -5C outside and I was carrying bags. The first stop was Tim Hortons.

Connor had said to me that his baby brother would be arriving in nine weeks. Nine weeks? There you go, babies take nine months to get here. Oh, yeah, nine months, sorry Mommy, got those words mixed up. Then you know what happened? The lady at the next table starting yelling, BROGAN, his name is BROGAN! Pardon my language but WTF??? I was truly FREAKED OUT! Things like this cannot happen to me. It just gets my hopes up only to be dashed in another week or so. Wouldnt it be really cool if it was all really happening though? It might just be the push we need to get the wedding going and everything else we have been putting off. :)
Another cute thing that happened at Tim's today. For those of you who are familiar with the coffee shop, you know about Roll Up the Rim. For those that dont, well every Spring they have a wonderful contest. Whenever you buy a coffee (tea, hot chocolate, etc.), med-ex-lg, you can roll up the rim of the cup and have a chance to win something. Connor and I were talking about the different prizes and he wants the boat. I told him that if we win the boat we will sell our cup. lol Where are we going to put a boat? We had finished our drinks and rolled up the rims. I had had Please Play Again but Connor said he was feeling lucky. Rolled up his rim and he was a winner! He started jumping up and down and screaming I'M A WINNER! I'M THE BIGGEST WINNER! OH YEAH! lol He won a coffee. Boy, did we get a lot of attention. Everyone in the whole building turned to look at us. I smiled politely and announced that he had won but would be getting a hot chocolate, not coffee. ;) He even took a picture of his cup before his win so now he has something to show people.

Its MONDAY! That means my chat at the Guild is tonight! 10PM EST for those of you wishing to join us. We love seeing new faces. Tonight I am going to be providing some inspiration involving a popular new scrapbooking trend. I have been wanting to try this technique for awhile and am excited to see what everyone else will create.


Char said...

Oh, funny story about the win! My son would be just like that if we won something. :-)

AfriDigiDiva said...

Too funny! Like the photos too.

Scrap Evangel said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for the visit and kind comment!

Jeanann said...

love the story.