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Monday, March 10, 2008

What A Month!

All and all, this month has been very challenging for me. There have been a lot of changes, losses, illness and general anxiety for me. I was born with the grumpy gene and really try my best to hide it from the world. Ok, in the last few years I have anyway. Since I started dating Sean, I really have become a better person. Our relationship almost ended once a long time ago. After an extremely rough night, we worked through things. He would do this, I would do that, it works. We are both better people. More considerate of others. Sean says that I am 'harsh.' By this he means that I can be brutally honest and frank with people. I cannot help it! If you constantly poke yourself in the eye with a fork and cannot figure out why your eye is sore, I WILL say something. Sorry. Its just the way I am. I do TRY to be nice. I get the grumpy gene from Mom, the harsh gene from Dad. That's my story but I am not sure where I was going with that.

So lately, with everything that has been going on, I have been doing my best to stay cheerful. There is a reason for everything. Things will work out. Make lemonade. All those good things but by gosh, its getting REALLY hard to smile. In the last few weeks, two things have happened that have really bothered me. I do not feel comfortable discussing this in public but let's just say that I will have to be even more frugal then I already am. However, my life is still fantastic. My list of blessings far outweigh anything else. I am just not perfect. Close mind you. ;) Anyway, that was my rant. I am having a rough go of things. I am cranky. Oh and I cut my leg shaving. The cherry on the cake. lol

On the brighter side of things. Today was a lovely day for us. My friend Courtney, and her family are home from away this week. So our friend Ellen decided to have her daughter's birthday party a week early so they could attend. Well, really, they were the party!! They have five kids between the two of them, one wasn't there. Connor had a BLAST hanging out with the boys since he has not seen them since November. Also, I think they birthday girl may have a thing for older boys, she was all over Connor. He loved it! And of course, everyone just was drooling over the newest member of the gang, two month old Riley. It was a great party! Good friends. Lots of food, prizes and laughs.
Emma, the birthday girl.

The whole gang, Joey, Josh, Emma, Jamie, Connor and Nick.


We had lots of fun and Connor is now more eager then ever to have his birthday party in May. I sure do hope that everyone has a great day. :) I am going to try and get some sleep.
New product in the store tomorrow!!!

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jodie said...

I love your layout - good for you for getting in there and getting checked! I'm sure it was a hard thing to do...great reason to scrap, too! Love the colors and the new kit looks great - some of your pics aren't showing up (I'd want someone to tell me if it was on my blog.) Love the bday party pics! :)