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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Paddy' Day!!

To all of the Irish out there and the Irish at heart, HAPPY DAY TO YOU! Connor came home from school today rambling nonstop about the little green men! Now say it with me, Lep-rah-con! lol Too funny. I learned all about leprechauns today from the eyes of a five year old and let me say, it was extremely entertaining. In order with today's celebrations I have created some fantastic, glittered Irish wordart! Kiss Me Wordart, now available at NDISB!

I also created some for the upcoming Easter parties! I know my family will be headfirst into the chocolate this weekend and so I made some fun chocolate inspired wordart! Check out Sweet Delights, now available in the store too!

Sean and I headed to the mall for a little while this weekend. We had to get some new business cards printed up for Sean. While we were there I wanted to head over to Winner's, like I always do! I find the clothes in this one arent too fabulous but the home decor section just makes me drool! While browsing through the artwork I discovered one print that I absolutely ADORED and would have loved to take home with me. Unfortunately I could not afford it right now. Sean told me that I could probably create something even better for myself. SO I did create something myself. I came home last night and jumped on the computer. Threw open Photoshop and went to work. In the end I was able to create my own version of the print and fell in love with it! At Winner's I had purchased two matching frames, I printed out two copies of my artwork and will hang them together. I also bought two wrought iron candle holders that I will hang on either side. I cannot wait to paint my room and hang them. Here is my work!
All credits can be found with my original upload at the Guild.
Instant Art!
Here it is framed. Love the frame, it is wood, painted black with worn patches and tin art inlay, only 10 dollars!
Instant Art!
So I went to my parent's house yesterday to help my father paint. My mother was cleaning out the cupboard and she was cleaning this beautiful platter when I walked in the room. I just fell in love with it! It was so beautiful! I remarked how much I liked it and how perfectly it would go in my bedroom. The color scheme was perfect. My mother told me I could have it as long as I promised not to use it with food. I checked out the porcelain mark on the bottom and was only able to discover that the plate is at least 105yrs old. It was created by a company called W&E Corn, in England and the style is called Rosa. Here it is! If anyone knows where I could find more information on it, please drop me a line!
Antique Platter
I am having a chat tonight at the Guild as well! I am very excited. I havent been able to have a chat in THREE weeks and am dying to talk with all the ladies. Join us at the Guild, 10PM EST tonight!!


AfriDigidiva said...

Those are absolutely lovely!

CraftTeaLady said...

That is a really pretty frame!!!

thumper6423 said...

Love the art you created! I never thought to do that myself when I see prints I like. I'm just thankful for time to scrap.

The platter is pretty! I love antiques, but I'm mostly into furniture and military stuff for DH.

Sassy said...

Oooo really nice!!
That's so funny about the Green men!! hehe

JanMary said...

Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland. Great irish word art.

DawnMarch said...

Wow, your "print" and your plate are gorgeous! How wonderful to have such beautiful & personal things around you!