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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Believe it or not, I have plans of being productive today. :) I currently have a project underway that I refuse to tell anyone about. Why? Because its pretty bad when even my online friends are asking when I am going to finish craft projects. Seems I procrastinate and sometimes just dont finish anything. Well, I am excited about this new project and I believe I should be done today. I will upload a photo tomorrow. Its a sewing/embroidery project that I started last night. Its pretty easy, I think, so far. Heres hoping I finish it alright. Then I will get to work on the camera bag and the curtains I still havent completed. ;)

This morning I created a goodie for everyone! We are supposedly going to have Spring arrive this coming week. I will believe it when I see it. Until then though I created an April Showers inspired desktop wallpaper for you all. It has both the regular 1024x768 and wide screen 1280x800 sizes for you. It was created with my new kit Puddle Jumper, available at NDISB.
Here is a preview for you and you can download it here.

AND I was tagged by Kristine!! Here it goes!
ALL are invited to join in the Links fun!
PLEASE just follow the rules! Just copy & paste THIS and everything below up until my Five links:

I thought it would be cool to have a meme where we post links. We can post up to five. Then we tell five more people to share their links. If we all share who tagged us, our links are sure to be seen!They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…

There are Five Rules:

1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you
5. Lara’s Place is the meme originator. (an active link is appreciated)

Here are my links for you!

1. The first place I head in the morning, afternoon and evening. Oh and when I cant sleep, have a few spare moments or am just bored.

DSA Guild.

2. I could spend DAYS looking through photos. There are so many UBER talented people out there!


3. This site helped me lose 20lbs! Cant get much better then that! Lots of wonderful ideas, people and inspiration. Track your weight loss, your calories, get recipes, track fitness, etc.

Spark People

4. What can I say? Its your place to buy all things handmade. ;)


5. I found this one yesterday to help my newest addiction, embroidery. TONS of free patterns. Happy me.

Needle Crafter

OK…Now I’m tagging….. Maggie, Christine, Holley, Stacey and Melany.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.


Jane/Wags said...

Cute wallpaper! Spring started to arrive here last week, but was interrupted by a winter storm that brought snow and hail. Sure hope my fruit trees that were in bloom survive!

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

LOVE that wallpaper, especially since I loved the layout you did with it!

And I'll have to grab the link meme stuff and do that later today! (I know you didn't tag me specifically, but you said we could join in, right?) :-)

Maggie said...

GGrrrrrrrr - I knew I should have waited until I had finished my chores before I checked your blog - now I have to go blog - sneaky, sneaky!!!!

Barb said...

That's a really cool idea!

debra said...

lol.. cute kit and cute name... hope you get your crafts completed.. cheering you on here!

JanMary said...

Lovely wallpaper.

Jenna Jaquez said...

Awesome love the wallpaper too....great looking blog if I say so myself!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.