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Friday, March 28, 2008

What to share first?

So many thing going on these days!! Ok first, I have some new products in the store today! I am especially excited about my new mini kit!! I LOVE IT! (Again, I am biased.) lol Its called Puddle Jumpers and you can grab it over at NDISB! Connor bought the coolest little pair of rubber boots yesterday and they inspired me. I didnt get much sleep last night. ;) Check it out!

Also created a layout with it this morning. Connor was more then willing to throw on the boots and let me take a photo. Unfortunately it was gross out this morning and the photos were pretty bad. He had some really odd faces in most of them. lol Seriously, my kid is the cutest in the world but even he looks weird jumping in the air. ;)

I also used a frame by Katie Pertiet and CK Alis Writing font.

Cant forget my new alpha either!! Also new in the store today! Krafty Notes! Thats my actual handwriting. Messy huh? Its cute though, I think.

I am hoping to get some more things in the store later this week so dont forget to check back! :)

In my REAL life. Wow. Things are happening. Yesterday I was called into the school after classes were over. I automatically assumed that Connor had gotten in trouble. You are not going to believe what happened to my poor son yesterday. I was LIVID but everything has been dealt with. At the end of the day the teacher left the children with the teacher's aid while she ran to do something. While she was gone Connor asked (not real name) Joe if he could go to the bathroom. Joe said no, it wasnt his turn. Connor got very upset and said again that he needed to go pee. No, not your turn. Connor then started 'pitching a fit and yelling' that he needed to go to the bathroom. Was he allowed to go? NOPE! He was sent to his seat for causing problems. CAN YA IMAGINE! SO then the teacher comes back and Joe is all like, Connor was pitching a fit and yelling at me while you were gone.' She immediately knew something up because Connor NEVER fights with the adults. She asked him if he was okay and he said he needed to pee really badly. She grabbed him and raced him to the bathroom. He could not get his belt undone fast enough and ended up peeing in his pants. He was so embarrassed he would not come out of the stall. She went in to get him. She had him put his ski pants on so that the other kids wouldnt know what happened and then it was time to go home. Joe was dealt with. Connor was so sad. It was unreal. No five year old should have to go through that, especially at school in front of the other kids. He knows now that if he has to go, he is to go. I wont stand for that.
In other news, Nan is doing GREAT! She has been transfered back into town. I went over to visit her last night and she held me hostage. I didnt leave until 40 after visiting hours were over but we had permission from the nurses. While I was out in the hall getting something for her, I ran into a friend of mine and we started talking. When I was walking back into the room I could hear Nan telling her new roommate how special I was to her. She said I was Sean's FIANACE! She has NEVER used that word before. She said I was like a granddaughter to her and that she loved me dearly. How sweet is that! Melted me just a little, it did. Next week we have to visit with a home therapist at the house. We have to make a lot of changes so that Nan is able to get around once she can walk again. It makes me happy that things are going so well for her.
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Marianne said...

That layout is gorgous. I love the blending and the colors.

I am so sorry poor baby had to go through that at school. What a freaking MEANIE to not let a 5 year old go to the bathroom. I am glad they took care of this "Joe."

Tammy said...

Your poor son!! Bless his heart. Maybe now "Joe" learned his lesson. Love the rain layout.

Betty Jo said...

The story of your son at school breaks my heart. Almost the exact same thing happened to my son in 3rd grade, only he had diarrhea, and the teacher would not let him call me! He was devastated, forced to spend hours in that condition, and I too was livid. It was dealt with and never happened again I can assure you. Your new products are awesome, and that layout is just gorgeous. Those new boots are hot! xoxo

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Wow, your son's story - NOT cool! That would have put me over the edge. Glad it all was dealt with!!

And the layout - SO cute! Love the boots.

DawnMarch said...

I hate those kinds of school stories. I would be furious!

Robin L said...

Sounds like he did very well consiering, I bet he will not be in classes again (aid) Im so glad your Nan is doing so well and what she said should melt you a little, how sweet!

Kristine said...

Morning Amy!
You were tagged on my blog!

Hands you a large Tim Hortons....

AfriDigiDiva said...