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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whew! I made it through the day!

What a very long day it was today!! I had so much trouble sleeping last night. Then when I thought I would be able to sleep in I couldn't. The phone started to ring and it did not stop. I finally checked to see who was calling and two of my brothers had called. I immediately thought the worst. I called back one of them and he said that school was canceled. What? It looks fine outside. I call my other brother back and he says school is canceled. What? I call the school. School has been canceled. Then five minutes later the school calls me. Come get Connor. WHY IS SCHOOL CANCELED!?! They are forecasting the possibility of freezing rain. Huh? Ok, so I call my 2nd brother back and tell him that I will pick up his daughter as well. THEN I come to find out that Sean has loaned his sister the car and I have to walk.

I get to the school and Connor isn't ready to go. His pizza has arrived and they expected me to walk home with a slice of pizza on a plate. Grumble. Found a bag to put it in, get back to the classroom and Connor is still not ready. I get upset. I have to tell him FOUR times to get ready. The teacher's aide really did nothing to help me which really irked me. Then I walk over the other school to pick up my niece. My brother had called ahead to tell them I was coming. I get there and she is waiting for me in the office but she had no jacket or book bag. Huh? She has to go back to her class and get it. I start walking with her and this blond lady stops me. I am not allowed to go into the classroom area to avoid any unwanted 'incidents.' No parents/guardians/visitors are allowed until signed in at the office and approved. I am sent back out front to wait. I wait, I wait, I wait some more and no niece. I finally go in search of the principle, I use to sleep at his house when I was a kid, was friends with his daughter. I find him and ask if I can PLEASE go find my niece and he says of course. I get to her class and she is just sitting and talking! NOT READY AT ALL! I am livid. Please, get ready. She heads into the classroom and her teacher's aide blocks the door on me. Ok. I wait. The teacher's aide says, I wonder what is taking her. OH I DONT KNOW, I have an idea why dont you LOOK? Grumble. SO anyway, she finally comes out. What REALLY bothered me was that there were about 20 other parents in that area picking up their kids. Was I not allowed in because I looked annoyed? lolWe walk home with neither of them listening. I get back home and think that its all over. ITS NOT THOUGH! The craziness continues all day.

We drop Connor off at my Mom's and head to the hospital. Connor wasnt allowed in that ward. Nan is doing great! She is in a lot of pain but she is already causing trouble. Thats a good sign. :) We stay and chat. Then head out. Buy Easter treats for the nieces and nephews. Buy groceries. Clean Nan's house. Head home to finish some work on the computer. I am so tired! I know, I ranted like a crazy person but the day was never-ending! It was 12 hours of non-stop on the go, on my feet. I am now going to relax! Watch the movie Silk and hit the hay.

TOMORROW I will have a surprise for you all and some previews of new products in the store. They are stinkin' cute and you have to see them. I am totally biased, but thats ok. SMILE! OH! I bought 'Eat, Love, Pray' tonight, anyone read it?

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Tiffany Williams said...

Wow! What a day! I would have been pretty upset too. Sound like the day ended nice though. I hope you get some good sleep tonight. Can't wait until tomorrow!