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Monday, May 12, 2008

The weekend wasnt long enough.

Wow, what a weekend. It was long, but entirely too short at the same time. Things were busy, busy, busy! Friday I spent some time at Sean's house trying to get his cousin's dial-up hooked up. Way back in the day I worked for a top ISP in their dial up dept so I do know a little bit about the process. This is the first time I had worked with Vista but really, it wasnt that different. Easier to navigate I think. Anyway, I set up a new dialer, all I needed was his username, password and an access number. Easy. Right? WRONG! Holy mother of confusion. What's your username? I dont know. So I go and search for his username on the computer and find it. What's your password? I dont know. Do you know? How would I know your password? Oh. Ummm, it could be this, this, this, or may be this. But if thats not it, try this. OKAY! So then I call tech support. Lady answers the phone I say all I need is an access number. She says that there are none available for my area and I say that there must be. She looks again and VOILA a number. I repeat the number to her THREE TIMES to make sure I have it right. Yes, you do. Awesome, I will try to connect. Sneaky me, I called on a cell phone. Tech agents hate that, I know this because I hated it myself. ;) So I hear hold music. WHAT? She put me on hold without telling me? Thats rude. She is going to get a bad quality on this call. It gets worse for her though. The phone starts ringing and I hear her do her opening statement. I say to her, Wow, did you just TRY to hang up on me? She is confused. No, you must have been talking to someone else. Nope, it was you. Oh...ummm....ahhh....it must have disconnected. Nope, it didnt because I didnt hang up, it rang back. You tried to hang up on me. Then like a good agent (haha) she tried to swerve the conversation back to the connection issue. Were you able to connect? Nope, some man answered. It was a bad number. She replies, wow thats weird. Yeah. Weird. Ya got another number? Nope, thats it. May be its the dialer? It cant be the dialer, I reply, its the number. It might be the dialer. ITS NOT THE DIALER! However, if you want, we can try that. You have to make sure you delete all the old dialers or it wont let you connect. Why? I dont know, it just wont connect. Thats not true, I reply, you can have more then one dialer on a computer. Nope, you cant. FINE, I WILL DELETE THE OTHER DIALERS BUT IT'S STILL NOT GETTING ME A NEW ACCESS NUMBER! I calmly reply. I tell her that when I go home I will go to their site and get a number myself. No, no, she is more then happy to help. RIGHT-O! So I politely say goodbye and hang up on her. Then I yelled a not very nice name at her while Sean's cousin starred at me with his chin on his chest. I am normally a very sweet person in front of them. lol Anyway, I went home and had the access number in 10 seconds. He was connected in no time. So I am better at tech support then tech support. Still cant believe that she was so 'smart' that she couldnt even hang up on me properly. At least I had that down pat. KIDDING! I never hung up on ANYONE! *evil laughter*
The rest of my weekend in photos....
Connor had a fantastic party! He had about 20 kids and loved each and every gift he received. Connor and his cousins.
We met Earl's girlfriend, Christine. She seems really nice and I love that she has my big bro whipped. ;)

It snowed on Mother's Day! Just when we were starting to get nice weather.
Anyway, this was suppose to be a quick post about the weekend. Not so quick. lol Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a terrific Mother's Day!

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