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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Iron Man!

Connor and Sean are both completely obsessed with Iron Man. OBSESSED!!! Its unreal. Every time we say, what do you want for supper tonight? Connor screams BURGER KING because they have the toys. We went there the other night and the young man working gave Connor two toys because he just thought that they were so cool and that he needed them both. Men. lol Today I said I had to do my photo and of course who wanted to be the star? Iron Man himself!
So I thought I would have fun with it and give it an almost newspaper feel with my Grainy Day Photo PS Action.
Scrapping! The Scrappy Awards have begun over there at DST and I HAVE BEEN NOMINATED (four times!)!! WHOOT WHOOT! Its all so exciting. I have no chance of actually winning but its still nice to be recognized! :) Speaking of scrapping I havent scrapped in a few days. Well, I havent completed anything in a few days. I have a page started for my challenge this week. What would YOU do with a million dollars? Scrap about it and post at the GUILD!! We would love to see! I just installed PSE 4, courtesy of Sean's uncle and am learning the ropes. It is pretty easy to figure out but it annoys a bit because I already know how to complete everything in PS. I dont have a very good attention span these days. :)
Working on some new products that will hopefully be in the store Friday! Yippee!! My Overprotective Overlays were quite the hit and I have had a few ladies ask about some rectangle ones. Getting to work on those as well! They should be ready by the weekend as well. I love digital. Its the best. ;) I should be going to bed now. Busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

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