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Monday, May 19, 2008


Ok, here it goes. For some crazy reason I have decided to share with the world how much I weight. Ack! I am going to use this blog, not only to share my every day news, new products, inspirations and challenges, but also to encourage myself to lose weight. Yes, I am at it again. I have decided to completely copy Donna Downey in every way! Well, except my name. And my diet choice. And I wont be traveling to Italy any time soon. And...well, you get the idea. Just going to post my weightloss like she does but without the cool video because I dont have a camera. Or do I? I am going to share my ups and downs here though as well. Back in the day I lost 20lbs while following TBL at the Guild. Then something happened, I dont know what, but before I knew it I was back into old Amy mode. SO NOT HAPPY! Why did I try the new KitKat McFlurry? WHY?!! Ok, so I am going to do do better.
This is the worst part. I weigh...112lbs. What? I totally weight 112lbs. I DO! In my dreams. hehehe Ok, I weigh 182lbs as of five minutes ago. My son, he weighs 41lbs. Approximately how much weight I have gained since I got preggo with him. ;) He has grown so much!! Dude is now 42.5inches tall. He is almost as tall as me! I know thats not saying a lot since I am a whooping 5ft 1.5! (Yes, short people have to add the extra half inch to make themselves feel better.)
SO back to the topic at hand. I will not be doing any crazy diet plans. I am going to eat what I want but I am going to stop when I am full. I am going to go back to my healthy eating plan which was REALLY good and yummy. I never ate things I didnt like. I honestly dont know why I stopped. It was easier to hit a drive thru I suppose? *shrugs* All over now.
Scrap news! I did the monthly swap over at NDISB.com with Fran and I had a great time. I met a wonderful lady named Rose, aka ladyofthorns, and she was so great to work with! Here is the layout I created for her and the one she created for me. All credits can be found with the original uploads at NDISB.com.
Mine for her.

Hers for me.

I love doing swaps because you get to know such wonderful people and you get a layout that is truly unique at the same time. Everyone should try it! :)


I forgot to mention how fantastic everyone did on the challenge this week! Silly me! Here are three randomly pulled layouts. You have to admit though, they are fantastic! :)



For more inspiration come to the chat tonight at the Guild, 10PM EST!
All credits for these layouts can be found with the original uploads at DSAGuild.com gallery.


Tiffany Williams said...

Amy, it sounds like we're in the same boat. I'm 5'2" and am around 180. Hey, maybe we could share clothes! ;) LOL! Last night while trying on some new clothes I decided that I really need to take better care of my body. So this morning I set out to do an exercise video but then remembered our DVD player broke. :( So instead I put on some good dance music and danced around for a half hour. That was the best workout I've had in a while! So I'm going to try and continue exercising and hopefully I'll make better food choices as well. Unfortunately today I've already eaten a bunch of chocolate chip banana bread. Oh well, better luck tomorrow I guess.

Mellykat said...

I was sooooo gonna smack you if you were 112 pounds and wanting to lose weight.

I weighed in at 178.5 when I was pregnant with Carter. Fortunately I lost all fifty pounds I had gained. With Cooper I gained 35, which should have been easier to shed, but there's plenty of it that wants to hold on!

For some reason I'm not wanting anything from McD's which is a bonus lately. But probably when my sinuses clear with these antibiotics I'll be eating all the bad yummy stuff again.


M :)

winlotto said...
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