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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting Published!

Oh yeah baby! I received TWO letters yesterday from two different magazines stating that two of my layouts had been chosen for publication. One layout titled, Because Its All About Me, will be featured in the Fall Issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine on shelves September 1st! My layout titled, Speak To Me, will be featured in the 3T section of the Oct/Nov issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine. Connor is happy that his cute mug will be in a magazine all over place. lol Seriously, I am so thrilled about this. I have been published a few times in online magazines which totally excites me but it reaches a new level when you hit paper publications. So come the fall I will have been published in Canadian Scrapbooker, Digital Scrapbook Magazine, the Notebook, Bella Scraps, Digital Artist Magazine and Ready, Set, Create. *beaming* Every now and then I just say, Dude, out loud, for no apparent reason but its because I am thinking about it all. I am no doubt driving Sean batty.
Tonight I am going to a photography workshop hosted by John Ratchford, a local photographer who has made quite the name for himself. I am super excited about going and am hoping I can learn a lot from him. I have a few photos picked out to show him. I figured I would mix in a few that Warren Gordon liked and a few new ones to see his perspective on them. Once you look past the technical side of things, photography is pretty subjective so I guess we will see how it goes.
This morning I thought I would make an album. So I did. :) Its my first one so I learned a few things. I know that it will get better though.
Album Cover
Album Detail
I made it with some cardboard and an old shirt that was Nan's when she was MUCH younger. Recycling is a beautiful thing! Well, sometimes it is, other times its not. I saw something today which disturbed me. I am sure that its a wonderful thing for your purse strings and for the environment but I just cannot picture myself using them. Cloth pads. Eww. I know, its just like cloth diapers buts its not at the same time! I have no trouble cleaning up after a cute little baby, but my own mess? Yuck. When they are new they are super adorable but....ewww.... So if you are interested, they are out there! I cannot see myself being comfortable wearing them though. I mean, they cannot possible be as absorbent, can they? I would be super paranoid about leakage. Wouldnt they be difficult to keep clean looking as well? I dont know, may be I am just being weird about the whole thing. I am getting carried away!
Hope everyone has a great day! Wish me luck tonight. :)

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