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Friday, May 9, 2008

New product and a Coupon!!

Celebrations are all around me these last few days so I wanted to celebrate with you as well!! Thats why I am throwing out this coupon code! It is good for 30% off all of Photoshop Actions! Hurry though because it is only good through the weekend!!! AH-PSA-0108
Check out all of my actions here!

Overprotective Overlays Pack 2!!!! Created for the 'rectangle' scrappers!!! Have fun with these new divided page protector overlays. With four different designs the page ideas are endless! Add photos, elements, papers, alphas, fonts and anything else you can imagine for quick, flowing layouts. The pack comes with four 8x10 distinct overlays in PNG format.

I finished my garbage window! I couldnt sleep the other night so I got up, gathered some things from around the house and completed my project. I cannot show you today though because currently Sean is in my room sleeping after a back shift. May be I can update later with a photo. Anyway, its a 2x2 layout. Biggest layout I have ever made and let me tell you, the trickiest. There was hot glue, regular glue, scissors, paint, glaze, ribbon, photos, paper, old garbage window, flowers, leaves, trimmmers, and time involved. Its done though. Whew.

Yesterday was Connor's birthday! My baby turned SIX! What a big boy. I am super proud of him. For a fun surprise yesterday I went to the bakery and ordered a birthday muffin for him. The lady was really excited to make it when I told her what I was doing! It was a plain vanilla muffin with blue icing and sprinkles! I headed over to the school and surprised Connor with it at lunch. He came running to the door wearing his big blue paper crown yelling, Mommy, I am the KING! And sure enough, his crown announced that he was indeed, King! All of his classmates were running around me telling me how exciting the morning had been. They all sang Happy Birthday to him, he got to wear the cool crown AND now he had a special birthday muffin just for himself! What a great day to turn 6! After school we took him to McDonald's for a treat. We came home and baked a cake for Sean who is celebrating his birthday today!! We baked Sean a 'dream cake' which he really liked! Tomorrow is Connor's party and I will definitely be taking lots of photos and sharing!
Here is a quick shot of my BIG BOY on his birthday!

Notice the mark under his lip? He has been sucking on his lip and its all broken out. I took this photo from standing above him. Check out the Notebook Challenges this month at the Guild, they are all about new perspectives!!
Now I have to get back to work, busy weekend ahead of us!


Web Designz by Kristi said...

Great actions! My boy turned six this year too - and funny enough, he used to suck on his lip and the same thing happened. Great blog!

Juliana said...

Great actions! I really like the protective sleeve item you designed - it looks cool!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mellykat said...

I can't believe our little dudes have the same birthday! How cool! Happy Birthday Connor! :)

And Carter came home with a crown in his backpack!

Can't wait to see the garbage window!

Melly :)

Mellykat said...

Oops and Happy Birthday today to Sean!

M :)

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Happy Birthday to your kiddo - my oldest turned six in March. And I love your actions and the overlays! Great stuff!!

Robin L said...

Great actions and what a wonderful sale! Happy Birthday to both Connor and Sean! How great is it to be turning 6 and to be the King at school for the day.
Your whole post put the biggest smile on my face. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

jodie said...

awesome stuff - going to check it out, now!!! i love the photos - lily sucks on her lip, too...ACK! don't you just hate it?

jodie said...

awesome stuff - going to check it out, now!!! i love the photos - lily sucks on her lip, too...ACK! don't you just hate it?

JanMary said...

Off to check out those actions. Happy Birthday to your son, and Happy Mothers Day. (Mothers Day is in March here!)

Shanna said...

GREAT ACTIONS! Might have to go check those out!!!!