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Monday, May 5, 2008

Look at that elephant dance!

I have no idea what to title this post as so I decided to go with something a little bit silly. My life is so full of things that need to get done right now. Well, I guess thats always the way huh? I have started getting out the invites for Connor's party on Saturday! I can hardly believe that my baby boy will be SIX on Thursday. I will never forget the day he was born. Wow, it was quite the journey we went through. I went into labor at around 1am and did not deliver him until 10:30pm. The longest, most painful day of my life but definitely worth it. Man, when the nurse handed Connor to me I was instantly filled with love and devotion. I was yelling at them to hurry and pass me my precious new bundle. LOL NOT! Oh man. I was terrified. The nurse had to literally drop him on my chest and run, for me to pick him up. My first feelings were not love and devotion, I was beyond terrified at this little stranger looking up at me. I could not believe that they were going to trust me with something so small and so trusting. I had no idea how we were going to make it through but we were going to give it our best. That night after everyone had left and the halls were empty, I laid in bed starring over at this little boy in the cradle next to me. He still didnt have a name at this point. He had a little card above his head that stated all of his facts, but no name.
I was laying there wondering how on Earth we were going to make it through the night, let alone the world. Then the nurse came FLYING into the room. Your mother called she said, no one took any photos of the baby. lol Can you imagine? The first laughter we shared. Ok, I laughed and he just laid there but still, it was a great moment. Lots of pictures came after those ones. As scared as we both were that night, I think we have done pretty well together. Connor is definitely trying at times but for the most part, he is such a fantastic little boy. I wouldnt trade him for the world. Every day that I share with him is one I treasure, even when I threaten to ship him off to his father's place. ;)
That night when I had started pushing my mother came to me and said, Sean wants to know if you can hold off for another two hours. WHAT? Sean and I were just friends then. His birthday was the next day and he thought that it would be so cool if I had the baby on his birthday. I politely and calmly replied with a 'no.' Ok, more like I scream, IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND! at the top of my lungs. lol So Connor was born one day, Sean celebrated his birthday the next. Now we all celebrate together. On Friday evening we will have a cake for Sean and some balloons. Should be fun! Some Walmart photos of Connor when he was a baby!

Holy long post, right?
I will sum up. Yesterday was wonderful. I spent the whole day at my parents' house hanging out with my Dad. Man, did he work me. We did a lot of work out in the yard, went for a 5k walk, did more work out in the yard. Unreal how that man can go. I worked on my garbage window! YAY! Got it painted. Now to put it together. We had a visitor yesterday.
I got my first (and last) sunburn of the year. Not the greatest picture but oh well.

I just came in from playing outside with Connor. The kid has SO MUCH ENERGY and I just want to flop out on the couch. Alas I cannot, I have to get this house ready for the weekend.

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