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Friday, May 16, 2008

Floating on Air

Thats me. Thats how I feel. The last 48 hours have been such a blessing to me. First having two of my layouts accepted for publication, wow, then last night the photography workshop. Ratchford was great! Wow, that man is bouncy. lol He was jumping up and down and running around, he made me breathless just watching him. He did some shooting with what we had available. We went outside and he said we could take some shots. I only managed to get two in because there were so many people around.
Everything happened so quickly I was pleasantly surprised to find that out of all of the cameras pointed at him at that moment, he was looking straight at me. Loved that. I should mention that this young man was just someone in the class. I think he could be a model, he has such a beautiful well defined face. :) After he did some shooting, showed us some slides and whatnot on the computer, he asked if anyone had photos they wanted him to look at. Well, he picked me. Probably because I was bouncing in my seat and waving like a flag on Canada Day. ;) Anyway, he looked through my photos and called me to the front of the room. People, my knees were shaking, I was not comfortable. lol He asked me my name and I pretty much whispered , Amy, then he said, I want to know your name because we are going to be seeing you around. *beaming* Then he said he was jealous of one of my shots and said that he wished he had taken it. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!
I ended up having to sit down. I played it up like I thought I was in people's way but I just had to sit down. lol They passed my photos around and people asked me questions about Photoshop. It was my moment. I loved it. It is such a brilliant feeling having a professional look at your work and say that they think you are worth something. *sighs*
Then afterwards I called my Dad to tell him the good news and he said that Warren had been asking about me again. DUDE! I am so happy. I swear, I am going to get hit by a bus or something today. The two top photographers of my area and they know me. What I really love about these two men is that they are so encouraging. In the words of Warren, they love to share the passion. I am so glad they do, they are both such inspirations to me and the chances they have offered me are not going to go to waste. Now if the rain would just stop so I can go and take some photos already. ;)
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I am going to try and wrangle my friends into letting me take some photos. Jen. ;) (this will be the post she doesnt read)


Ilona said...

Wow .. sounds like you had an awesome time. I adore the photo of the eye .. its so vivid - what did you do to it to make it pop like that?

So awesome to have layouts published .. congratulations!!

Juliana said...

I am so happy for you! I would be floating, too!

JanMary said...

Wonderful - congrats. That would be amazing to have someone look and your photos and be jealous!! I can but dream!

movefearlessly said...

that's great! congratulations - you're incredibly talented.

Mellykat said...

::Sigh:: You're getting so famous, I'll have to say, "I digi-knew her when..."

heehee. Good for you. You are so full of talent and now is your time to SHINE!

Love the pictures and congrats again on the publications...you deserve it!

Melly :)

jackpot said...
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