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Sunday, May 4, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day

ITS HERE! ITS HERE! NSD has arrived and oh the fun of it all! I am just amazed at the amount of activity at all of the sites. Its so wonderful. I truly enjoy seeing how excited people get about it. So many people share this hobby and its very inspiring to me. Way back in the day I had originally started out as a paper scrapper. I wasnt a good paper scrappy mind you. I thought I was. lol I had fun and that is the best thing. Today I headed to Michael's first thing in the morning. They are having their grand opening celebrations this week so I grabbed my coupons and away we went. Connor had a blast making his very own velvet art bookmark. He was so proud of himself. He also asked if I would teach him how to scrap using 'real' paper. lol How cute is that! Of course I said yes and we went ahead and bought some paper. He had lots of fun picking out his papers. They dont match AT ALL but he had fun. I also had fun, I once again bought things that I cannot afford to purchase right now. I CANNOT HELP THAT I AM ADDICTED! Only with lots of paper and paint, I purchased a new trimmer. (50% off thank you very much!)

I also bought a corner punch, however I accidentally grabbed the wrong one. Oops. So the next time he is in the city, Sean is going to buy me a regular round corner punch. I have this one now. (Also 50% off!)

I have been SO BUSY with digital stuff as well. It seems like I get nothing done but I really do! I swear it! I am completely in love with my newest product, Overprotective, I REALLY AM! They are so fun, so quick, so versatile. This is another layout I created yesterday for my dear sweet man.

They are in the store this weekend at 50% so go and GRAB THEM! ONLY $1.50!!! (USD)

Melly, if you read this. DO I EVER USE A LOT OF EXCLAMATION POINTS! I didnt notice until you mentioned it to me. We should start a club. ;)

I hope EVERYONE had the best NSD yet! Now stop reading and go scrap!

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