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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beached Whale

Yesterday while I was scrapping, I mean working, I was listening to the radio and heard that a whale had washed up on shore. So today after our regular Sunday morning coffee, Dad and I thought we would head over to see it. I have never seen a whale in person before and was curious. There were quite a few people there this morning so I can only imagine how many people have come and gone. The tide was on its way in today and the waters were looking fairly rough, hopefully he will be taken back out to sea. As far as things go now, I believe they are just going to let nature take its course. I should mention that he was dead when he was discovered. It was so sad watching him. To be quite honest I felt like we were invading his personal space. Is that weird? I suppose so. It really infuriated me that people were letting their children poke him. How horrible is that? Here honey, let Mommy take a picture of you poking the dead whale. Wrong on more then one level. The biggest concern to me would have been disease. Goodness knows what he is carrying. You should never let your children pet a dead animal. I just thought that was something everyone knew. Ick. He wasnt all that huge, I mean he was but I was expecting him to be bigger. He was probably about the size of three cars may be?
On to happier news! I received a third email the other day from Somerset magazine who are interested in publishing my layout, As Fast As A Train, which makes me incredibly happy. I must say that I am rather proud of my success this week. I am floating, really floating on all of the wonderful things that have occurred. Plus, its great exposure for the Guild. Two out of the three layouts were created using Guild kits. :) Speaking of the Guild, WE HAVE A BLOG! Whoot whoot! How cool are we! A great place to inspire and to share! Check it out here. I have also decided to have a weekly photography challenge over at the Guild. Each Saturday I will post a new inspirational idea to help encourage creative photography. This week our challenge is to simply take a photograph of a loved one who ISNT smiling. Check out the thread here. Here are the photos that I posted for inspiration.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

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