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Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday, again?? Already?? Are you sure?

Yes, its Monday morning here on the East Coast of Canada. It's a beautiful day outside today. I think. I only got a glimpse when I peeked out this morning to give Connor's father his school bag. Seemed nice though. :) Well, I said that every Monday I would weigh myself and share my results. I think I had a decent week. I did eat out more then planned but I was able to control myself (for the most part) and not do anything to crazy. Sean and I purchased some lovely Peach Mango (fat free) frozen yogurt. I really wanted the chocolate one but Connor cannot eat it. See what I do for my kid! lol ;) So I am down to 179! I know, THREE POUNDS in one week doing very little. I really think I should credit the weight loss to water weight though. I have started drinking green tea again so I know that must have helped. This morning I was going to go for a walk, I still might but I am feeling quite yucky.
I went to the music store the other day and 'purchased' three new songs, downloaded them and now I cannot get two of them to load on my MP3 player. They downloaded as .wma files and I cannot convert them. It says that they are copyrighted to such and such and cannot be changed. WHY NOT! I paid for them, kind of but not really because they were free downloads I received when I went to the movies last week, and I cannot listen to them on my MP3 player. I spent AN HOUR last night trying to get new music on it for today. I HATE SONY WITH A PASSION! I am buying a new one, as soon as I can. Hate Sony. Hate them! Not even joking, I have been boycotting them ever since I bought this thing. I am not bitter though. ;)
Sean's father stopped in town yesterday for a quick visit. Notice how his sunglass obsession runs in the family?
Pat, Shel and Sean.

I also went to a baby shower yesterday. The mommy to be looked exhausted and she just wanted to go home and sleep. Poor thing. This is her third child and after two boys she is getting a girl. :) I made this card for her. The umbrella template is from Scrapbooks, Etc. and let me tell you that their card is much cuter then mine.

Paper from The Paper Company.
I also made this card with paper from Anna Griffin and tag by Making Memories. Nan will be turning 92 on June 15th so this is her birthday card.

That is all for today. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. To my American friends, hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

This is weird, I have been looking for an umbrella pattern (not hard, just needed one for a card for June) and BAM there you have one.
And so your friend is having a girl on the third try .... lol, I sometimes get a little wistful for a girl, but none will be in our house I am afraid, lol! No, I am not going to have a fourth on the 'chance' we might have a girl!

Mellykat said...

Beautiful job on the cards and hey...where'd you go? You haven't blogged in a whole week! (miss you)

Hope all is well and you get your bloggin' shoes on again. You're probably off being all artsy fartsy finishing up your garbage window or making something really cool...or taking some awesome photos...

Seeya soon,

Melly :)

P.S. My word verification for this post is harfefhk. Where the harfefhk have you been? ;)