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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dont let the sun fool ya!

The sun is shining brightly these last few days but its such trickery!  Its still so cold.  I cannot wait until tomorrow when it is suppose to be +6C!!!  PLUS!!!!  Above freezing!  Today its -15C and tomorrow its going up to 6C!  Talk about a huge change in temps.  Welcomed change, very welcomed change.  For a little while now there were rumours floating around that our fave Tim Horton's would be closing for renovations.  Today when we pulled in for our usual Sunday morning coffee there was a trailer in the parking lot.  A temporary "Walk-In/Drive-Thru" station.  ACK!  No warning!  Thankfully, I suppose, the pipes to the station froze in the -30C temps last night and so the store remained open long enough for us to have our coffee.  It was cold though because they turned the heat down for some odd reason.  To keep us out may be?  So until sometime in Feb. we have to find another spot to gather.  Makes us sad.  :(  It was so bare!  No fake plants, empty cases, pictures are gone from the walls.  Only the bare essentials were left.  I took a picture from my seat in the corner.  (Maggie knows, she was here!!)

Day 14

Day 14

Yesterday there was not much to do.  I suppose everyone had the same idea as Sean and I and headed to the theatre.  The place was jammed and it was only the matinee!  We went to see "Doubt" with Meryl Streep.  It was good, certainly left you thinking about things...  On the way I asked Sean to pull over so I could snap a quick photo.  It was SO COLD I jumped out, snapped the pic, and jumped back into the car as quickly as I could.  After watching Bear Grylls jump into a river, naked, in the middle of the Siberian winter, I feel like a wuss, but that that man is insane.  Entertaining, yet insane.  I have no idea how his wife can stand it.  I wonder if she watches the show.  It would drive me mad.  I get upset with Sean for not wearing his seatbelt.  Anyway, I ramble, here is my "Oh man its too cold out here to try and take another shot" photo.  :)

Day 13

Day 13

I know I havent been doing much here about scrapping lately.  My mojo ran away from home last week...  I am hoping to jumpstart it today.  Look for new products in my store soon!  Also, dont forget that we are having a CT Call over at the Guild so stop on by!  We would love to have you!


Mellykat said...

Hey Amy!
You can come and use my Tim Horton's until yours is fixed! I'm not using it anyway (I've been Timmy's-free since January 1st!) Well, aside from the box of green tea I bought so I can make my own tea at work and home!

Hope you can survive without having your fix nearby!

M :)

Maggie said...

As soon as I opened this and saw the picture, I thought to myself, "Hey, I've been there!" You're right, it does look bare! And I bet there aren't trick-or-treaters painted on the windows anymore either!