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Friday, January 9, 2009


I am so happy that the weekend is here!  Getting back on track after the holidays has been a little difficult at bedtime and I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  This morning I went for my C25K run, Week 3 Second Run, and it wasnt too bad.  It was almost warm at -2C. ;)  The track was only half frozen.  When I went to run off the track I fell through ice and ended up ankle deep in freezing cold water.  Nice.  I made it home alright though and quickly jumped in the tub to warm my toes.  Only one more run and I move on to week four.  I had my doubts but I know now that this program is actually doable. :)

I received an email today from Artscow for a Tote bag offer.  You can get a personalized tote bag for $7.99US with free shipping.  So I jumped on that because I could use a nice overnight bag for when I sleep at Nan's house.  This is what I created with a layout I had already completed.  Oh and if you are interested the code for the bag is TOTEBAG799.  The first one is $7.99 and any additional bag is $11.99, still a great deal!


Armina from DST made me this awesome avatar!  Isnt it great?  :)  I won a random drawing for mine but I do know that she takes orders if anyone is interested!  I think she got my nose down pat but I think I should have asked her to make me skinny. ;)  lol



Day Five

Day Five

I used some of my 365 photos today to make a layout. 


Thats it for now!  :)  Thanks for stopping by!

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