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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good News!

I just weighed myself and I am down 3.5lbs!  AND my so-called friend is visiting so that means I might have lost even more.  We shall see!  :)  This makes me happy.  Knowing that all that running in freezing temps, snow and ice, is paying off.  Today was a snow day for Connor.  Not sure why because there really wasnt any additional snow on the ground, just a lot of wetness because the temps are above freezing.  I do believe I heard it was slippery in the city, may be thats why they cancelled the whole island.  Connor was happy anyway.  We snuggled in bed after breakfast and watched cartoons together.  I snapped my pic of the day while he was checking out the weather.  What is that expression??  LOL

Day 10

Day 10

I am off to the city to run some errands.  Hoping Sean doesnt force me to go see Valkyrie today.  I would much rather see Bride Wars.    Alas, it is his turn to choose.  We have BOGO coupons which is AWESOME because it saves us a lot of money.  We do nothing else but go to the movies and eat.   Did I mention that Harvey's now has whole wheat buns?  This makes me happy.  I dont particularly like them, I am just hoping other places around here follow suit so I can stop carrying buns with me.  ;)

Hope everyone has a nice day whether its shining or snowing or raining or...you get the idea.  :)

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amson said...

Congratulations Amy! I really need to do something too but it is so hot here. I guess if you are jogging in snow I can jog in oppressive heat. I love your photo of Connor. It looks sureal as I have not seen snow like this for so many years.