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Thursday, January 22, 2009

One week left!

It's official.  I have only one week left of my 27th year.  Ack!  I do not know why I had to be so impatient in the womb coming out two months early.  Would you like to hear the story of my birth?  It's quite entertaining.  It was January 29th, 1981 and my mother was not due until March so when she began to feel "gas-y" she did not think much of it.  However, when the pain began to worsen, she realized she was in labour.  They called my grandfather to come and watch my three brothers who were sound asleep because it was very late or very early, depending on how you look at it.  When my parents arrived at the hospital and told them my mother was in labour, they were laughed at.  They said she was not due for quite some time and they should go back home.  My parents made such a fuss that the nurse on duty finally gave in and put them in a delivery room just to "shut them up" and gave them a student nurse to monitor my mother.  The student nurse had never been at a delivery before and was quite scared.  Very quickly my mother went into hard labour and I was making my way out.  My Dad was yelling at the nurse to go get help but she was so afraid that she sank into the corner of the room crying.  Before he even knew what was happening, my father had delivered me and the nurse and doctor came screaming into the room.  My father held me in his arms and muttered something like, "told ya so."  LOL  At the end of the day, I was not very pretty.  I was bald with glossy, yellow skin (Jaundice) and resembled an "alien."  Yuppers.  I did, however, improve and was a hefty 5lbs in no time at all.  ;)  I was lucky that I had no more health issues and was home wrecking havoc on my poor family in no time at all.

My sweet son has informed me that he is now official too old to have his picture taken in the bath tub.  However, he was still ever so happy to pose for me.

Day 18

Day 18

As I promised yesterday, here is Sean's cartoon that was published in today's paper.  If you get the chance, please stop by his blog.  He loves attention.  ;) 

Cape Breton Ink Blog!

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the USA!  On the 20th, we went to the White House website to find a picture of Bush and the site was completely new!  I made a joke about how quickly Obama had taken over and apparently I was not the only one who noticed the site.  It actually made the news with The Globe and Mail.



See ya tomorrow!


Maggie said...

Tell Mr. Casey although I hope he's right, I'm afraid he's got it wrong. I'm afraid that there are going to be even more tears before it's over.

bunnynose said...

I like that cartoon! I'm all for Obama, and I'm hoping he'll do a good job.