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Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a weekend!

My friend Courtney came home this weekend and we had so much together!!  Its always great to see her.  She only came home to pick her sons up but we still managed a bit of visiting and fun.  :)  We went for a "quick" trip into the city.  Dont tell him but I borrowed Connor's camera to see what its scope is!  I had fun and its SO MUCH lighter then my Nikon.  LOL

(straight from the camera)

Ellen, Me, Courtney


It was SO cold out that we couldnt stay long before we were completely numb!  Courtney was nice enough to stop so I could snap these photos.  Is that not one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever??  Part of me wished I had brought my camera....


I also forced them outside on my step to grab a few quick photos.  I will share those later because I know the ladies would prefer if I shopped out any "trouble areas" first.  ;)

The new Guild kit is out!  Whispers in an Oriental Garden!

Today was the first time I really had a chance to play with it!


The Artisan Notebook from the Guild is also out now.  This is the layout I created for my article this month.


And a quick Christmas page!


Connor loves watching me create pages and was really eager to start making some of his own Christmas creations.  The kid is a whiz at PS already!  Normally I do what he asks me to but this day he wanted to do everything himself.  He is such a quick learner! The only thing he needed help with was resizing because he was warping things and we cant have that!  lol  Also, I had a shadow preset for him.  :)

Here are his pages!  I was happy he chose to use a kit I helped create!  (Its Homespun Holiday by me and Christine Haskell)



May be he will grow up to be a graphic designer????

I was published again!  You can see me, well one of my photos, in More of Our Canada magazine by Reader's Digest!

This is the photo!  I entered it into a contest a while back.  Didnt win.  :(  HOWEVER!  The editor of the magazine contacted me a few months ago and asked if he could use it in the upcoming issue.  :)


Hope you had a nice weekend!

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