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Monday, January 5, 2009

Would you rather ice cream or a million dollars? Hmmmm.....

I just heard that on TV.  LOL  I think I would take the million and buy some ice cream.  ;)  My friend Carolyn is doing 365 this year.  This is where you take one picture a day, every day, for a year.  Last year I tried doing 365 self-portraits.  I made it over the 100 mark but then just got so tired of seeing myself I stopped.  lol  This year I thought I would follow suit and do a photo a day.  I thought I would start today.  Even Connor told me today that I dont take as many pictures as I use too.  Since it was late and I still hadnt taken one, I snapped a photo of Connor taking a photo of me!

Day One

Day One

It's January and that means its time to PARTAY!!!


I have a new kit in the store today called Happy Garden! And the best part?  Its on sale for the month of January at 30% off!!!  What a deal!


Some layouts I created with it!  :)



I got a few photos edited from the weekend of my friends.  They looked so HOT!  :)



Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

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