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Monday, January 26, 2009


It has been a long time now and my mojo is still on the loose.  Have you seen it?  Its really cute and smart and funny and just plain adorable.  I think may be its mad at me for taking it for granted.  If you see it, please tell it I love it and want it to come home.  :(  Until then...

I completed this layout today, I am not entirely happy with it but I it's kay.  I used my new kit, Every Breath.  These are two of my bestest friends, Andrea on the left and Jen on the right.  Andrea is home from Alberta for a few days and showed up on my doorstep on Friday!  YAY!  It's amazing how much you can miss someone and not even realize it until you see them again.   Us girls had a wonderful weekend hanging out and talking.  We caught up on everything, talked about weddings (no not mine, Jen is getting married in the fall), family and the usual girl gossip.


I am still going strong with the 365 project! 

Day 19

It was late and everyone was tired but they let me take a picture anyway!  Cuz they loves me.  ;)

Day 19

Day 20

I watched the Miss America Pageant on Saturday night.  It was a nice quiet evening at home.  Well, a few hours anyway, and I greatly welcomed the quiet and just plain being a girl looking at pretty dresses.  We have been so busy at home and away this  month.

Day 21

Day 21

Little niece Emma came for Sunday morning coffee with us this week, she looked totally adorable.  Can you tell which pictures I took with my Nikon and which ones with Connor's Kodak?  I CAN!  lol

Day 22

Also, Andrea's Nan is going into surgery tomorrow so if you wouldnt mind sending warm thoughts her way, that would be so sweet and appreciated!  Thanks.  Happy scrapping! 

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